Norman PD investigates after city councilwoman claims neighbor’s rapist had targetted her

Context: Councilwoman Alexandra Scott voted to cut police funding.


That is fucking terrorism in action. “Looking into” sounds like code for “making go away.”


Inevitable right-wing response: “Well, if you did de-fund the police then rapists would be able to attack women without fear of consequence!”

Sad reality: “WOULD be able to?”


This makes me wonder how much better or worse the statistics might be for murder and drug cases. With so many overturned years later because prosecutors and/or police used unethical methods to make arrests and get convictions, it seems like they’re putting in as little effort as possible to do their jobs. We need a justice system with different incentives and measurement of job performance:


Worked as a rape counselor in hospitals for nearly 5 years.

I could only wish the numbers were that good. 57 arrested out of 310 is 18%. Hah, what a fantasy.

But it is true that almost every case the prosecutors decide to take will lead to conviction, because they won’t take the case unless they know (we’re talking within hours of the victim coming forward) they’ve got a 100% provable case.


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