Officer of the month charged with rape


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This is nothing new. A friend told me of his brother (ex-NYPD cop) who told him of fellow cops routinely “taking advantage” [rape!] of street prostitutes who wanted to avoid arrests.


Wow. It’s almost like power + lack of accountability = abuse of that power. Fellas, I think I just made a discovery!


I got nothing, I’m just disgusted with the human race right now.


“But what was she wearing?”


Reading between the lines here, he may have assumed she was in a vulnerable position where she might not have reported a crime:

Police have released surveillance video that they believe shows the very beginning of the incident where the officer activates the lights on his police cruiser.
Stawinski says he released the video to assure the community that the officer could not have known the alleged victim’s immigration status before pulling her over.


This is wildly unlikely to be an isolated event…


Ugh, of course it’s PG County. They’ve had a history of violence issues, so not shocked by this.


There’s never only one.


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