North Carolina town on alert after "multiple" razor blades found on gas pump handles

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Faux will no doubt portray this, with zero evidence, as some sort of “woke” protest against fossil fuels. More likely it’s just a run-of-the-mill psychopath.


I feel like said mill is really working on overtime in the product output department lately.


if it’s even happening at all.

not infrequently things like are hoaxes. where something was placed by the person who “found” it, and the other people were convinced that the bit of metal lying on the ground next to the pump was clearly a razor blade and it most definitely fell mere seconds ago when they picked up the pump thank the lord

i’m much more worried about used gum. ew.


You know what though, ever since Covid, I always pump gas with a work glove. Frankly, gasoline stinks! Everyone should have a gas pump glove in their car in my opinion.


Another reason why I love that in Oregon we’re not allowed to pump our own gas.


If only there was security footage ,… if only… they could find that goober. But until then, everyone be scared.


Get the new Gas Pump Glove™ :smile::+1:



New Jersey says hai!


Otherwise known as the NC cigar trimmer.

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More like Self Sever am I right?


Open 24 Sever. Seven blades a week!

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Yeah, usually I’m not so skeptical, but this seems like another of those weird stories (thinking of the dog/firearms thing as another recent one).
In this one, it’s strange that allegedly three incidents happened over the course of a month at different gas stations throughout the area, but they were all reported to the police and sheriff’s office on Tuesday.
Also strange is that they don’t talk about anyone being harmed by these, which, given the nature of our news media, you think they’d make a big deal about that.
And thirdly, that is one rusty-ass razor blade in the photos. Just makes me wonder what’s going on.


Yes, it all sounds a bit urban mythical. How does the supposed perpetrator attach the blades to the pump handles? Why does no-one, either a station attendant or the driver waiting next in line, notice? How come no-one has been reported injured?

Presumably no EV chargers have been afflicted.


That was my first question as well. When there’s only one staged-looking photo with a questionable veracity about such an odd event, it’s time to be skeptical. Plus razor blades are such a trope of urban legends. Every story about people hiding them in candy, apples, mailboxes, etc is all made up.

How would you even embed the blade like that? Cut a groove with a Dremel and epoxy it in place, somehow without being noticed in a busy gas station? Gas stations are crawling with cameras, yet somehow there’s no video related to this incident?

This whole story is seriously doubtful.

No, no, no. I fucking hate when police say shit like that. The correct response to an event like this is not to sink ever deeper into fear and paranoia that will ultimately destroy all the trust upon which civilization literally depends. The solution is to be skeptical of what’s probably not a real thing, and even of it was, understand the odds of it affecting you personally are basically zero, so go on about your life with no fear.


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Yes, because nothing bad ever same out of “blue” states…

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And of course, much like my state of GA, NC is a very purple state…

There are plenty of “blue states” that had similar margins but to Biden.

Until we can stop just dismissing entire portions of the country, we’re not going to get anywhere on getting people to start voting in a sane manner. It helps nothing to do that, so, you know… don’t maybe?


Gotta be pumpin’ with gloves babe
Eight blades a week

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That is of course how prejudices work, you remember examples that match them and forget the contradictions. It’s a great way to be unfair. The truth is there are kind and cruel people everywhere in the world, and the only differences are which are in charge and what they make possible.


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And of course, many of the Red States are being/have been gerrymandered by the latter rather than the former, who have gerrymandered blue states…