North Korea admits young leader is unwell




Probably from all the backed up feces and urine.


“A teary-eyed Rodman booked a flight to be at his massa – uh, friend’s side.”


Gout? Sugar coma? … Ice cream headache?


Coup attempt?


I know you were joking, but you’ve managed to guess right anyway:

“Based on his gait, it appears he has gout – something [due to] diet and genetic predisposition that has affected other members of the Kim family,” said Michael Madden, an expert on the North Korean leadership and contributor to the 38 North website.


He’s just trying to play up the similarity with his grandfather by becoming Kim Jong ill


Kim Un-Well would also be fitting.


If this is anything like how the Soviets used make announcements about the health of their leader, then he’s already dead.


Come to think of it, he has been looking rather bloated lately.


Have the hand-wringing, crying meltdown-squads been released yet? If not I´m afraid any rejoicing would be premature.


Condolences. Get comfortable soon.


I’ve heard that if you let Satan out of your anus it fixes that.


Or someone overheard him say that this wasn’t as fun as he’d been lead to believe, and it didn’t go over well with whoever is actually holding the reins of power.


I heard that if you find Satan in your anus the only way to get him out is to wait for Apple to release a removal tool.


Perhaps a bout of Karma for the little bloated toad. It would be a shame if after being unwell he became unalive.


How does that neck support that head?

Maybe loosen the collar a bit, man.


I bet he is depressed. I know I would be.


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