Not for racist online comments but


She got him fired? You mean, she went to his employers and said “this guy, you need to fire him, OR I WILL KILLZ YOU ALL YOU BAD MENZ BWAH HAH HAH HAH” ???

Or did she post what he had written, and let nature take its own course?

Are you saying that the man had a reasonable expectation of privacy in a public exchange he initiated, that she’s at fault for publicly posting what he wrote, and it was her responsibility to ensure that nothing bad would happen to him as a result of people finding out what he wrote? That she should have kept his writings to herself? Because she knew what would happen if other people knew, and so she’s to blame? Because the guy did nothing wrong, and he was fired because of her, not because of him, because she shooped the screenshots, and it’s a put-up job, and he’s a really good guy and we shouldn’t blame him for his words, they’re just words, and his bosses should know that and not fire him because of somebody else’s words because his words are innocent and blameless but her words where she quoted his words are mean vile wicked evil and at fault?

Please correct me if I’m mis-characterizing your post.


I want to frame this and put it on my wall.


Oh good, no need for me to say anything. :slightly_smiling:

That’s some well polished anti-bullshit right there.


Right-o. Does the #butthurt make it difficult to sit during the day?




see also:


You misspoke. The preferred term isn’t “extreme feminist,” it’s “rabid feminist.” Those feminists are always “rabid.” You need to remember that when you try to rabble-rouse, or folks won’t take you seriously.


I am very racist, as you all know. I think that those cars that go round and round all day, the fastest one shouldn’t always win.

(Said in the voice of father dougal from Father ted)


Is this a rabbit feminist?


You’d better hide yourself!


Women are not to be trusted, with all their rabble rousing, obummer loving, gun snatching, pie making, small gas engine repair, and discoveries in mathematics! And, they’re stealing our women!!

What a rabbi feminist might look like.


I want to needlepoint this entire thread and put it everywhere.


I’m trying to think up more words similar to rabid, so I can come up with more non sensical screeds instead of packing and writing code.

Any ideas?


How about get back to work you lazy sod?




Yeah, why hasn’t that guy just moved already.


I will when I feel the muse upon me, you frothy feminist!


Official drink of the frothy feminist.


Why the Pedobear?
[ducks and covers]


Uppity works for some people in such a mood.


No, he’s over here: