Notice in bar bathroom for women who need to get out of a date that's not going well


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depends if it is an acute or obtuse angle shot doesn’t it?.. err typo @frauenfelder but an amusing one.


Can guys employ this too? This would have come in handy a couple of times.


Some years back there was a fake “cell phone” - or maybe even a “pager” the user could set to go off in five minutes. Then, an urgent call from work could interrupt a lousy date.



My phone had that, it was clever but I never used it. I’ve always depended on the friends code that requires someone to call you during the date as an out.


Clearly marked exits work too


Oh, shit, that’s my husband… I have to go.


The wall would seem to suggest that this service applies only to blind dates set up via phone apps.

Girl: "Hi, um, I don’t have much time, there’s this really creepy guy who won’t leave me alone, and um… angel shot!"
Bartender: "Yeah, cool maam, which social media app did you say you met this guy through?"
Girl:"It’s not through a social media app, I just showed up here tonight and this guy is really nuts, could you help me? Angel Shot?"
Bartender: "Hmm, gosh, I really want to help you, but as our bathroom wall says, this is really geared towards people who are in the middle of creepy blind dates…"
Girl: "Well, maybe it’s not exactly a blind date because we just met accidentally, but he really is scaring me and I could really use that Angel Shot…"
Bartender: "You just met for the first time?"
Girl: "No, I’ve seen him around… I mean, we’ve barely talked before… Angel Shot… is your manager here by any chance?"
Bartender: “Jeez… I so want to help, but our policy is really geared towards making us look hip and ‘with it’ in the internet age, what with the advent of stalking that now uses the internet, on phone apps… try telling him you’re not interested, and could you let the person behind you place their order?”


Yeah couldn’t you just excuse yourself to the bathroom and call your own Uber? Or even easier…get up and walk out, if it’s truly that bad? I’ll certainly admit I’ve never been in that situation, but unless you’re physically attached to the table/bar/chair/whatever, just leave…?


What if I actually want an angel shot…?


I’m thinking of your date orders an Angel Shot and the bartender immediately escorts your date out of the bar that’s really going to impact the tip.


I think this is more around a particular establishment posting a known in-house procedure for helping defuse a potentially horrible situation. I doubt they were trying to create a widespread social practice.

Just wanted to help their own clientele.


What’s the Venn overlap look like for “creepy person giving off violence/obsessive vibes” and “good tipper?”


Easily done with real cell phones now - set a timer with an alarm that’s a ringtone.


The point of this offering is that it isn’t always that easy, especially for a woman. Even if there is no specific hint of violence, women have to guard against it at all times. The least sense of something being “off” should trigger action.

I am a man and have been in situations in which I had to threaten to call the police. If I was a woman I have no doubt that even vocalizing my anxiety or making such a threat would greatly increase the level of danger.


An air wall.


what’s a devil shot getcha? - same as it ever was, probly


Not so helpful if you’re a woman on a bad date with a woman.

She’ll probably follow you to the bathroom out of that weird female herd bathroom instinct and see the sign.


That’s when you ask for a screaming viking.