Notice in bar bathroom for women who need to get out of a date that's not going well


I thought this was usually handled with a helicopter waiting on standby.


Sounds well intentioned, but it feels like it reinforces the idea that it’s somehow unladylike to leave without a man at your side. How about “You don’t need a man to call an Uber for you”.


Hmm. This also could be used to pick up the bartender, couldn’t it?


That’s the weird part. The bartender is suddenly going to be your Secret Service? That’s what bouncers are for. Or doorpeople if you normally just care about IDs.


Maybe I’m old, but the dating game sucks. This is a nice illustration on why.


What if I actually want an angel shot…?

Make sure it’s the kind of place where mercs capable of hunting angels work the bar?


Now that Snopes, Reddit, Redbook, Good Housekeeping, and Mark have covered this…

FTFY, buddy.


No because men are never victims of violence by women.


The “Angel Shot” is clearly the bastard child of “Ask for Angela”. It seems unnecessarily complicated, and unlikely to work.

The simpler “Ask for Angela” makes more sense - a code word to alert bar staff that assistance is needed without specifying a particular course of action.


Funny. I was told that too.

It didn’t stop him from following me to my apartment, or from barging in.


They forgot the timeless Mickey Finn option.


As long as we know what you think is really important.


I think this is for people who feel threatened by their date and need a way out. If you are in a situation where you don’t feel like you CAN call an uber what then?


I don’t think this is a new problem, just invented by the millennials…


I think it also signals that the bar has a plan for how to help people who have found themselves in an untenable situation – and has (presumably) trained their staff to keep an eye out for patron safety.


Indeed. Good on them for doing so. That’s the sort of thing that instills loyalty among customers, to know that they’ll be safe in that environment and that the owners/staff actually care. It shows that they have a sense of community there.


Ever heard of John Bobbitt?

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Yeah, this is what I would think if I went into that bathroom: this is a place that realizes bars are dangerous places for women, and is doing what they can to be part of the solution.


Well, that’s untrue. Of course women can be violent and abusive towards men (or other women, for that matter). Just because it doesn’t happen as often or that it’s not as systemic, doesn’t mean we should deny it.

I think the point should be creating safe places for EVERYONE.


The bartender escorts you. The bouncer watches your back.

That’s how we did it back in the day, anyway.

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