Notorious copyright troll sentenced to 20 weeks' prison time for beating Uber driver


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It’s a start.


This is not something I would normally say or even think but this piece of special humanity desperately needs the full service of time in a common prison with all the attendant benefits such a service has to offer. It will be quite different from Raffles I suspect.




The actual intended concept was ant-ibi-o-tics. They’re these tics similar to leeches, used by doctors to remove excess blood from under the skin. This guy’s blood type was O, so he needed those specific kinds of tics. They hail from the village of Ibi in Burkina Faso. And finally, they’ve been cross-bred with ants.

I can see how the original un-hyphenated word was misleading.


That makes sense. The though of giving Antibiotics for a beatdown, seemed like gross over prescription to me.


Maybe a few days later the lacerations were looking ugly and had red lines coming out of them? What’s the incubation period for septicemia?


LOL! :smiley:


Assholes gonna asshole. Reminds me of


[quote=“doctorow, post:1, topic:86041”]letters so egregious that Lord Lucas described the company as “scammers” and the letters as “extortion,” urging Britons to “put them in the bin.”[/quote]I’m not the only one thinking, “Are we using honorifics for George now that he’s retired?”, am I?


Well Lucas IS known to the motoring public as “The prince of darkness.”


Politicians are so worried about getting Uber drivers to pay their cities for background checks (because that’s worked so well for their cops). Who’s going to vet the riders?



Well. . . you can’t beat that.


The UK really needs to expel all those violent Brits whose culture condones violent crime against peaceful Islamic immigrants.


“If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime” is usually an assertion in support of cops prosecuting people who’ve done things that shouldn’t be illegal anyway, but in this case, it’s perfectly justified. Also, if a big company can’t handle losing you, it’s not organized all that well.


I more meant it in the sense that “Your company’s business practices are despicable, and I’m okay with it shutting down.”

But yes, that works too.


For this, and this alone, I’d have added a firing squad to the sentence. Except I don’t believe in the death penalty, so it would be paintball guns and he would be naked. And then we can lock him up for 20 weeks.


Or this worthy:


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