Nutella fans enraged over recipe change


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56.3 percent sugar, instead of the previous 55.9 percent

So… it’s basically for those who like their sugar brown and spreadable?


The new Nutella has more skimmed milk powder

More what, now? Do you mean “skim milk powder”? “Powdered skim milk”?

Spell checker can’t catch everything!

Edit: I was wrong. “Skimmed milk” is not wrong; it’s British. Thanks to Secret_Chimp and L0ki for setting me straight.


And the fat - it’s apparently 30.9% fats.



It’s skimmed milk. Milk that has been skimmed.


Delicious with…bacon.


Mother fuckers!

Is nothing sacred?


the stuff is nasty anyway.


Both are correct. Skim milk is the American English spelling. Skimmed milk is the accepted British spelling.


This is blasphemy.


Anyone taking bets on how long it’ll be before they introduce Nutella Classic?


More sugar, less chocolate. It’s the Hershey way.


Fun fact, this may only effect one country or region as they use different cocoa/ sugar/other ingredient ratios for different places.


I really wish I could try the original recipe for Nudossi, the communist Nutella from East Germany. I’ve heard it’s one of the handful of products from behind the Iron Curtain that was superior to its Western analogue, and I wish I could find out for myself. Alas, they changed the recipe too, once the capitalists took over.


the quality . . . and all other aspects of Nutella remain the same …

I do not think the word “quality” means what Ferrero insists it means.


What could go wrong?


So when did this momentous change come into effect? Can we tell by label or best before date?


The changes are to its milk and sugar content. The new recipe has 8.7 percent powdered skim milk, instead of 7.5 percent. It also contains 56.3 percent sugar, instead of the previous 55.9 percent…

I doubt I could even tell the difference, but I’m not a Nutella addict. Isn’t it that Australian stuff made out of yeast and lichen?


And that’s all palm oil.

Here’s what the components look like:

I still love it though…


Hmmm. That would make it interesting. :smirk: