NV court marshal sexually assaults woman, then arrests her for complaining while judge looks on




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Is it just my imagination, or does it appear that Doninger doesn’t seem to have any “presence”? She looks like she’s numb to it all.


She was keeping her back turned to the events going on for a reason: She didn’t want to have to testify if it ended up in court.



she looks intoxicated


I noticed the same, she wasn’t just ignoring the woman’s pleas, it was as if she was “withdrawing” from the whole thing. Made me wonder if the marshals had managed to intimidate her in some way.


Wow. That was deeply triggering. Deeply. But I’m so proud of this woman for holding her ground and glad that this was caught on video and followed up on.

I’m also going to note that once again a “drug search” is being used as an excuse here.


I didn’t really want to go there, but yeah, the body language and voice levels seemed to say that the marshal was the one “in charge”.


A drug search? In family court? Really? Not to mention that if one has the gall to politely protest then you get thrown in jail? Screw that.


I took it differently. I couldn’t help but wonder how much race and class was playing into this woman’s actions. She seemed to me like she was trying to ignore the cries of an animal, or a squabble among peasants. It was, as I watched, even more dehumanizing than the original abuse. I think this is what really got to me, this and being threatened by force into retracting what just happened to you. Oh, and being told this can go “easy” or “hard” when no matter what it’s going to be hard, abusive, and painful.

Ugh… I need a drink.


WTF Nevada? Even if the woman hadn’t been telling the truth, which seems doubtful the fact that she’s being intimidated to recant after making a very serious charge is deeply troubling. All while the judge ignores the incident completely.


I saw this a while ago and all I could think was, if this is happening in FRONT of a judge, imagine how many cases like this happen behind closed doors.


Very troubling. I can’t imagine being in a vulnerable population (presumably single mother) with your small child in court, being bullied around, all while having a judge sit idly by allowing it to happen. She must have felt entirely helpless.


Ironic that it’s on the same level of abusive and neglectful behavior that parents have their children taken away for, isn’t it?


Hey boingboing, I’ve been watching, over the years, the steady rise of these kinds of stories on the site. I was wondering if there was a way to corral them all together so that we could have a laundry list of bad things done by people in positions of power. That way we could informally chart whether these incidents are really on the rise or perhaps just the reporting/videoing of them.


This is horrendous in many different ways. But confronting fascists in their own playpen is always going to go wrong. But I don’t blame her, she couldn’t help let her emotion and decency show, and she thought that talking to the secretary, erm judge, would actually help. This is a great lesson to us all, dumb insensitive fat fascists don’t like being exposed as perverts on their own turf! They have their own version of the law, and will use it to make sure you STFU.


I was absolutely furious about this article when I read about it in the Daily News last month.
What a nightmare!


Yeah, triggery as hell. But so proud of this woman for standing strong and speaking for herself when 3 people of power were waging a war against her. I wanted to fistpump after she retold with the microphone. The judge and marshall deserve time in the slammer.


Why? What difference are you saying it would make if it were either one?