NY Democratic Party publishes mailer accusing own primary challenger of being anti-semite


I believe the phrase you are carefully avoiding is ‘Zionists’.

They weren’t heckling, but arguing with him after the speech.

“This [Hassassian’s speech] was dutifully recorded by the thankfully silent Zionists who were in the audience on that occasion, and then came up and berated him afterwards for what he’d said.”
(from the BBC)

And forget his weaksauce excuse that it wasn’t racist because he was using it in the ‘technical’ sense. it just means that he was referring to friends of Jews as well. This is a well worn anti-Semitic trope, that Jews, *cough* sorry, Zionists, don’t belong here, even if they’ve lived here “all their life”.

Yes, they do. Repeatedly. Again and again and again. Strange that. It’s almost like there’s a pattern…

Yes, there is. But don’t confuse that with this.

The right wing press are overjoyed that this smear’s got legs, and it’s got legs because this one’s true.

Don’t confuse Ocasio-Cortez with Corbyn. Ocasio is new to politics, only getting involved in the past couple of years and has very little baggae as a result.

Corbyn, on the other hand, is a career politician having been an elected representitive for 44 years (35 of them in Parliament). He’s spent the vast majority of his time on the fringes of the party where there’s been little scrutiny of his actions and attitudes and that’s now coming back to bite him.

Also, don’t confuse the Democrats with Labour. The American Overton Window is far to the right of Britain, which I think probably now puts them slightly to the right of the Tories. For comparison, the Republicans are far to the right of UKIP.


I was thinking of policy. Corbyn and Ocasio are both democratic socialists. And New Labour and Clinton Dems were/are both neoliberal neoconservatives. Labour may now be democratic socialist, but the Dems still have to go through some kind of transformation to represent people, not banks. But they must hurry. The 99% is many and 1% is few, but the far right is being risen. Only the Dems can save US from insane Republicans. What’s their alternative to neoliberal neoconservatism?


Point of order: they’re neither neoliberals nor neoconservatives.

Words mean things. If you want to say “New Labour and Clinton Dems weren’t and aren’t nearly leftist/progressive enough for my tastes”, please do say so, instead of misusing words and diluting useful terms into vague, useless mushy mess.

Considering how the American right has abandoned rigor and clarity in favor of pushing emotional buttons and riling people up, I think the American left, and people posting here on BoingBoing, should not succumb to the same error.


Off to the races.


I wonder if his father was as awful a politician as he is, and we just didn’t realize it, or whether he was just an awful father who couldn’t be bothered to install a basic sense of decency in his son.


As a clue, this is from one of his father’s 1970’s campaigns:


His father sold it better, and served during a the era where most of the population was center right. When Dems any further left than Bill Clinton were a hard push almost everywhere. But he had a lot of the same sketchy connections and corrupt associates. Took a lot of the same scumbag tactics.

Think Andrew Quomo but competant. Whatever else Mario had going on he could actually run the state without spitefully allowing the country’s most ecconomically important and densely populated city to literally collapse. As in physically collapse. Into a hole. For short term political gain.


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