Roy Moore’s wife: we aren't anti-semites -- “one of our attorneys is a Jew”


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“We have a Jew on retainer!”

(Also a mistress who is still wearing her retainer.)


and we also fellowship with them.

The exact definition of that shall remain a mystery, Thank You Very Much!


will she be making Latkes with the attorney/jew tonight?

mmmm Latkes!


ROY GIMLI: I never thought I’d die fighting side by side with a Jew.
LEGOLAWYER: I’m only fighting alongside you because you’re paying me 450 bucks an hour, you racist prick.



Isn’t it possible to believe your Jewish friends are going to hell and not be an anti-semite?


‘we also fellowship with them’

Atheist here - is fellowship a verb?


“We’re not anti-semites - we know so many kikes!”


“Us, racist? Why, some of my great-grandpappy’s best slaves were negroes!”


Talk about living in a fucking bubble.

How can you not see how horrible it looks when you say shit like that?!


I almost expected her to unashamedly follow that statement up with, “that’s why he’s a good lawyer!”


Roy Moore is the kind of person who would hire a Jewish lawyer because he thinks all Jewish lawyers are the kind of smart, cunning, ethically flexible lawyer he needs.



“Some of my best friend are Moose and Squirrel”



And not hire a Jewish anything else for the exact same reasons.


He’d hire a Jewish accountant to hide his money from the taxman.


I wonder if the Jews are selling Roy whatever drugs he’s on. He’s looked very over-medicated the last couple of weeks.


Who’s that woman? His girlfriend’s grandmother?