NYPD boasts about small-time weed bust, NY says "apologize and give it back"


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My good man, I would like some marijuana with a side of machete, please.


Yeah. No love for getting some dangerous machetes and energy drinks off the streets? Man NY is harsh.


These might be the Golden Boys the higher ups have big plans for, hence the tweet to help get them ‘out there’.


I hear “if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere”

Which always makes me wonder why you wouldn’t want to make it somewhere else.


Being originally from there, I always took the saying to mean that if you couldn’t make it at some other city, then you should probably reassess your plan for coming to NYC.

Something along those lines.



A bargain knife, a machete, a can of Monster Drink and some weed. Looks like they busted El Cheapo.


“No good. I’ve known to many Spainiards New Yorkers.”


So… they got what, $1,000 retail, off the street?

You two should go solve some financial crime. I hear there’s a ton of it over at 725 Fifth Avenue.


this brought Kate Tempest to mind.


There seems to be something very off about the heads in this picture.


I think the real question is why Justin Trudeau is moonlighting on the NYPD vice squad? :thinking:


Not pictured: amount of seized pot retained for, uh, further testing.


Man, I never saw that coming in my lifetime.


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