NY's Gov Cuomo : Jewish people 'without rhythm'


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Oh good lord.

If you are going to make a little religion-deprecating joke about not being able to dance about your own faith then go ahead and have a laugh. Then stop there, before you make it about the Jews.



Paula Abdul is Jewish

"…twice won the “Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Choreography”.

I did not know this before today.


The 60-year-old governor

There’s the problem right there. Sorry, Boomers, but the “good old days” when a politician in a city like NYC could count on a laugh for invoking a lazy stereotype are over.



Yeah, great way to win the hearts of African-Americans: they can dance, right? But the Jewzzz, nooooh. They can’t dance. I mean we can dance and y’all can dance better but not the jewz.




Visions of Music: Rhythm and Jews (klezmer documentary, 1998):


According to the Vatican, Catholics have all the rhythm they need.

Oh the irony.


Cuomo: Catholics basically believe the same teachings that Baptists believe.

Only to a simpleton or a pandering asshole.


Throw a rock in LA and you’ll have a good chance of hitting someone who knew someone else when that someone else had been a “nobody”: A co-worker at my previous employment had Paula as a tenant, she rooming with the co-worker’s daughter (who is a Foley artist). He described Paula as being “an absolute angel”.


It’s funny because it’s true!


is he “Morisette-ing” us


Buddy “Ain’t Got Rhythm” Rich



“Things” start happening at 1 minute into it. I think he liked drumming:



Most likely trying to find common ground with the parishioners of the Mount Neboh Baptist Church,

Common ground with Baptists on dancing? You know the joke, Baptists don’t like pre-marital sex because they’re afraid that it might lead to dancing…


Who is going to have the last laugh on Arrakis?