NYT: Tucker Carlson was fired for racist text message: "Not how white men fight" but "I really wanted them to hurt the kid"

While Murdoch is leaking what he believes to be the most despicable material that normal people would consider grounds for firing, my guess is it was texts or comments dissing Murdoch or his family. If Murdoch cared about common decency, or humanity in general, he wouldn’t hire so many sex offenders, he wouldn’t keep pushing the Overton window to make racism acceptable, he wouldn’t rally behind a rapist narcissist for President and he wouldn’t be party to watching the world burn. Murdoch is interested in the personal wellbeing of Murdoch and not much else.


Fox News has 787,500,000 problems, but this text is not one of them.



  1. That’s the longest text I think I’ve ever seen

  2. Who was the recipient?


This text doesn’t even read like self awareness. It’s like he’s aware that he could be self aware, and that these are things he might say if he was self aware, but he’s actually not going to internalize those messages. It’s not that he’s aspiring to be a better human - he’s saying if I were a better human then this is how I would react to this video.

It’s like me saying I’d be healthier if ate better and exercised more, but, meh, not gonna do it.


I think these “leaks” are Fox trying to have it both ways. Make the moderate conservatives think he was fired for being too extreme and make the extremists think he was fired for being too moderate.


I find the line of “you shouldn’t hate someone for their political beliefs” to be a very strange moral ideal. Your political views are pretty darn close to the “content of your character.” If you can’t hate someone for that, what is left, besides their immediate and observable interpersonal behavior (plenty of interpersonal cruelty can be done at a distance via “political views”)?

To be clear, 3 people shouldn’t be beating the shit out of another human for any reason but the idea that you shouldn’t be angry at someone for their political beliefs doesn’t really hold much water.

Of course, if I were in a different time and place where “brown people should die in the street” and “I should be able to shoot abortion doctors and terrorize women” weren’t considered “political views” maybe I’d feel differently…


There’s not a drop of verisimilitude in that text; it’s all self preservation.


If it were self-reflection he would have been like “oh shit what have I created on this Earth I have to stop this before it gets worse” not “I’m better than that victim and my homicidal white supremacy remains unchallenged by the evidence before my eyes…”


Unlike Fight Club, I doubt he’ll threaten to shoot his alter-ego in the head.


As long as the fucking fascist remains fired, I don’t care why. Please just make him go away forever.


:crossed_fingers: one never knows though :crossed_fingers:


Yes, this seems like damage control. “He’s a monster but he feels kind of bad about it.” is a better place to land than what really happened. I wondered if the story about him being fired for religious content was from Tucker’s camp.


I shouldn’t gloat over his suffering. I should be bothered by it. I should remember that somewhere somebody probably loves this kid, and would be crushed if he was killed. If I don’t care about those things, if I reduce people to their politics, how am I better than he is?

I really am not reading this as charitably as others who think Tucker was engaging in some sort of moral introspection or conscience pangs. All I’m seeing is: “I do gloat over his suffering, I’m not bothered by it, I don’t care about these things, and I am better than he is - but maybe I can’t continue to claim moral superiority, as a fascist, if I take such pleasure in some kid getting beaten to death just because he’s anti-fascist? Maybe. (But LOL, look at that leftie kid being beaten to death!)”


None of it is worse than anything he’s openly said in the past and attributing his firing to it is credulous.

That was my first thought on reading the article. You’re telling me this text was somehow so beyond the pale that they had no choice but to fire him? Please. This is just a typical weeknight on Tucker’s White Fascist Power Hour.


I think he was fired because the malevolent cesspit of Rupert Murdoch’s brain is rumored to be collapsing in on itself, and his decisions no longer neccesarily make sense. The confusing leaks are probably a side-effect of people jockeying for position over his still-moving corpse.

Morality doesn’t feature anywhere in this picture. None of the actors would even understand the term.

Including, obviously, Carson himself. His quoted words read like someone who’s heard about “humanity” and is keen to try wearing a human skin to see how it feels.


It was all of it and none of it, adding up to the tired, disinterested whim of Rupert Murdoch.

The simplest explanation I have seen is that it was related to Murdoch’s recent, ahem, break-up; he discovered that his new bride-to-be seemingly idolized Carlson, and saw a way to get back at both of them in one go without costing himself anything (directly, at least.)
I mean, yes, we knew all of this stuff about Carlson already (and I imagine that there’s a file at least as thick on Hannity and the rest of them somewhere in the Fox HR department) so even using this as a pretext seems flimsy.



There’s an English word for it: projection.

It’s always projection with conservatives. Every accusation is an admission.


Nope, no. White men fight like this:


Also, fuck you, Tucker, you agent of evil.