Oasis's Noel Gallagher rips on Thom Yorke and many others


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So… he’s just this now then?


But Chris Martin is just fine.

Purely coincidentally, guess who’s appearing on Coldplay’s new album?


Other than you being an “utter gobshite” regardless of your line of work, no, I don’t know what you mean.



There’s no content in what Noel’s saying. It’s the curmudgeon’s classic complaint about youthful superficiality, but completely stripped of the context that makes it meaningful. But those sympathetic to his message bring that context in a perfectly modern, self-hating way. Imagine an entire generation of guys who never quite came to terms with how derivative, vacuous, unfunny and forgettable the music and fame whoring of 1990s britpop always was. That’s the context of Noel’s fame.


Noel Gallagher’s only real talent is saying outrageous things to the press. He’s the Donald Trump of Rock n’ Roll (or whatever the senior citizens are calling it nowadays).

I missed the whole “Britpop” thing that apparently made him famous back in the 1990s. Going back and listening to it now, with the hindsight of the Electronic, Trip-Hop, Post-Rock, Shoegaze and other musical craziness of the period, Oasis sounds fantastically conservative and reactionary. I don’t mean to say that one can’t enjoy it for what it is, but I can’t imagine developing any sort of drug habit as an accompaniment. Maybe a wine cooler.


Wait, this is the guy responsible for Wonderwall ragging on Thom Yorke? I’m confused.


Their entire schtick was ripping off the Beatles, incredibly derivative and uninspired. The only reason anyone went to their concerts was in hope that the brothers Gallagher finally murdered each other on stage.


Wait… he’s complaining about Skrillex… wasn’t he big in like… 2010 or something like that? Is Skrillex still a thing?

Does he live in a time warp?


I think he’s just sad that everyone else grew up and it’s not the 90s anymore, and other people are still making music.

No one tell him about Robert Plant. Knowing that a guy who was already at the top of his game before Noel Gallagher was even born is still making great music would make the poor guy’s head explode


Yeah, one where the 90’s never ended. Clearly, he should move to Portland, OR. Might help him be less of a horse’s ass.

Dear FSM, I forgot just how much I hate these fucking guys. Thanks, @pesco .


Anyway, here’s wonderwall.


I’m enjoying imagining Radiohead batting around ideas for a lightbulb-themed album cover for their next album.


I preferred Oasis when Ben Carson was on bass.


Oh, Christ on a cracker, we’re gonna have fun with this one for weeks, aren’t we?


To be fair… I know a great many people that are also sad about this. :wink:


To be fair I do get where he’s coming from though. What passes as “rock” or what I knew in the 90’s as alternative or alt-rock is certainly more poppy then it was 20 years ago. I certainly don’t hear any groups in the mainstream that sound like Garbage did in the mid 90s, and that kind of makes me sad.


Fuck him. All the cool kids were off their tits in a field full of buses dancing on speakers to techno while they were sulking in Manchester, fiddling about twanging planks of wood with string on them wishing they were the Beatles. He’s never quite forgiven anyone for it. Should have stuck with being a roadie; he could be equally curmudgeonly (and, being a roadie, have good reason), but we wouldn’t have had to listen to him for the best part of a generation.
(TL;DR: Oasis were fucking shite)


excuse me but were you by any chance yelling at clouds in the late 90s?