Oath Keeper Jessica Watkins off to jail for 8.5 years

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Yeah, these assholes will do it again if given a chance.

Even Buffalo Guy is starting up again.


so, my husband thinks that these three (particularly Stewart) are getting stiffer sentences because they aren’t tied directly to anyone in politics, i.e., letting them take the fall is fine because it won’t damage anyone politically, and then the heat will die down. i thought people like Marjorie Taylor Greene, Jim Jordan, etc. were quite vocal about cheering on the Oath Keepers, but maybe i’m wrong here.


Rot in prison, terrorist.


The big headlines of 18 YEARS and 8.5 YEARS sound great now, and the next article down shows Q Shaman released already after serving a fraction of his sentence.

It just takes one judge…


He didn’t serve a fraction of his sentence, he was sentenced to 41 months, was given credit for time served of 9 months, and earned a number of credits inside the BOP that led to his release to a re-entry house earlier this year. He earned 54 days for each year he served, which accounts for 4 months. 27+4+9 = 40.


That sounds like a small fraction of 41 month to me.


You’re right, it occurred to me that he served 12 less months than my caclulations… so he served 28 / 40 months. Which is a about 70% of the sentence, which since only one of his charges was a felony lines up with federal sentencing good behavior rules.


Ya know, I think about “Elizabeth from Knoxville” (actually Maryland) from time to time and wonder what became of her and her onion? I also wonder how many folks have been identified and tied to the FBI’s great big photo gallery of January 6th insurrectionists? :thinking:


Just think of all the wonderful training opportunities she’ll have to become a productive member of society instead of being a fascist death squad leader or bar owner (surely leading an insurrectionist death squad shows a lack of moral character) when she gets out.

Oh. Wait. The Republicans will probably take those wonderful training opportunities away in a budget amendment before she gets out. Can’t have felons catching any kind of break if your an extreme MAGA Republican. Jessica is and will be finding out what happens when you hitch you horse to the wrong rail.

Maybe the Army will take her back?


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