Oath Keepers Stewart Rhodes is sentenced to 18 years for Jan. 6 "seditious conspiracy"

And with a .22 caliber at that.
Is the macho black eyepatch for fooling his followers or himself?
What a doofus.


My guess is that she’s waiting until he’s securely locked up with no chance for bail. As a safeguard for her life


So now is a good time. There is no federal parole.


From the Insider article:

“For the past four years, Adams has been trying to finalize a divorce from Rhodes. In April, Adams set up a GoFundMe campaign to raise $30,000 so that she could hire a new attorney. On her GoFundMe page, Adams explained that her attorney had dropped her as a client when she could no longer pay her bills and that it was “certainly not easy to find a lawyer willing to go head to head” against her husband, a Yale Law graduate.”


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Yep. Sounds like he’s contesting the divorce, and like I said, in a state/situation/municipality where that means a judge would deny it.


And according to that gofundme, she’s now officially divorced.

From reading her updates, there’s some things people need to understand on why this was harder than most. Her husband did not get social security cards or pay taxes or anything for their children. He also secreted their hospital birth certificates and hid them from her. And then insisted that she wasn’t the mother and had no evidence. The divorce is in Montana, and so he also went around and talked to almost all the divorce attorneys in Missoula, which means she was not allowed to use those attorneys because of him intentionally locking her out of them. Montana’s not a big state with regards to population or divorce lawyers. We’re talking a kept woman who wasn’t really allowed to do much of anything outside the house until now. She didn’t have a bank account. She didn’t own property. He was abusive and coercive and shut down any lines of support almost as fast as she could find them.

That’s why its taken four years for her to get a divorce, because she basically was a slave to a sovcit.


God damn and this is the future they want for our little girls.


Yeah. It’s why I was pushing so hard against this “Well she should have easily just gotten a divorce” commentary. People don’t know how abusive these people can be.


Ohhhh some of us know. But I don’t recall the last time I got the impression anyone was listening . Fuck, not even when it was happening to me did most of the people I knew know it was happening to me!!!

Lmfao what a headfuck.

Fuck the good old days, we’re better off without them.


Another Oath Keepers defendant will be sentenced Friday afternoon and additional members of the far-right group will be sentenced next week.


A transgender military vet Jan6 insurrectionist? WTAF?? Leopard, meet face. I know I say this all the time, but stuff like this confuses the hell out of me. She has to know that she and all like her are absolutely demonized by her “friends” in the insurrection. No way will she be spared! I do not understand…


bad news for the Proud Boys.

The speakers also mention that Caldwell’s sentencing was delayed.


from the defense:

“If he really wanted to do this, Rhodes could’ve brought 100s of OathKeepers”

so, the line of argument was, yes he is the leader of a group that wants to bring down the government; but, he didn’t pick the day. :thinking: i can see what went wrong with this line of argument.

meanwhile, from the prosecution:

"He continues to advocate for political violence… Just four days ago… Rhodes said “It’s going to take regime change” while speaking [via jailhouse phone] to the nightly Jan 6 protest at DC jail.

wow. well, there you go.


He’s an idiot. A very dangerous, deluded and violent idiot, but an idiot nonetheless.


i think maybe sometimes in situations like that people double down on the hate because that’s how they feel they can prove themselves to be loyal.

while identity can sometimes be a gauge for ideology, ultimately one is simply a fact of life while the other is a choice people make.


… all I can think is that it’s not about public policy

The Alt Right is basically a club where the only membership requirement is hating liberals—and everybody hates liberals

Liberals even hate themselves :confused:


This kind of thing is particularly prevalent among recently-transitioned transgender women. I’ve seen a lot of it in the circles I run in. When you’ve lived your whole life with male privilege and male socialization, it takes a while for you to see how little the world values you now as a woman. So they engage in a lot of “both sides-ism”, low-grade misogyny, false balance ideas of social justice, and siding with the people who would have been their friends beforehand. They don’t yet see that those people are very much not their friends anymore and will treat them like human sewage just as soon as possible.

Sometime around the first technical job interview where they get offered 30% less money, or the first time a man asks them to take notes in a meeting, it starts to sink in that they live in a different reality now.

As an example, I used to attend a conference where one of the committee members was kicked off for posting long, disgusting, anti-trans rants on Twitter. After a brief moment of seeming progress, the committee welcomed him back and decided the trans people should stop complaining so much. Two prominent trans women (recent transitions) in the community defended that guy and said they feel safe around him so everyone else should too. They shouldn’t feel safe around him, but they don’t know it yet. The echos of that male privilege of being safe everywhere are long.


The sentence couldn’t happen to a better person. In fact, he fully deserves it even though this is like bare minimum. This guy had been living his life consequence free, doing all kind of horrible shit. FAFO moment.


a follow up on this – i was listening to this last night

this reporter is the one who recorded watkins on zello. while most of the segment is about his experience being pressured to testify in her trial there is a brief bit about watkins. ( around 11 minutes in. )

at trial she testified her family disowned her off when she came out, she went awol because of how the military treated her, and she didn’t feel she fit in with the (liberal) transgender community.

i can imagine that isolation played a role in what she wound up doing. and apparently, she got a lesser sentence than people like rhodes in part because of all that. ( she also admits her actions were wrong. )

at the same time, apparently she was responsible for some of the worst violence. so there’s that too.