Ocean waves can hurl boulders 2.5X the weight of the Statue of Liberty


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Sounds like bad news for futuristic underwater habitats.


No wonder Homer called Poseidon the “earth-shaker”.

Who did Homer call the “rump-shaker”?

Boom - posted twice in one week.


I’ve seen house-sized boulders that move from year to year in steep western river systems. Some years a few inches, some years a few feet, depending on the seasonal rains.




Man, smart people really do doubt themselves all the time. This question is the furthest from my mind. This study seems inherently super-rad.


It makes me think of what I learned from tai-chi. apart from, say, chemical explosions, we tend to think of force as generated by just crude mechanical movement: a muscle is only so strong, and some advantage from leverage in the joints. Not to be a Lee fanboy, but just to cite a well-known example, Bruce Lee’s one-inch-punch could blow you across the room. He wasn’t generating force strictly by brawn, he was generating a wave from his toes through his body controlled to break as it reached his knuckles. Lee was also exceptionally strong, true, but the whole body working as a system doesn’t have to move nearly as much to generate more force than mere muscle power–that’s tai-chi in a nutshell.
These ocean waves have the momentum and weight of the entire ocean to draw on. Add a storm onto that and watch out!

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I have no sense of what the Statue of Liberty weighs.

620 tons ~= 5 blue whales or locomotive engines, or 3 jumbo jets.

EDIT, per @anothernewbbaccount : or 75 London double-decker buses.


That’s not even close to being the world’s biggest rock.


Put this together with rising sea levels and it could become really exciting!


The agreed International Standard is London double-decker buses. Please comply. Thanks.


Future sports:



I’m glad I’m not the only one waiting for 2020!!


You know, one doesn’t usually discuss a lady’s weight…


Not a very useful reference, how many 747’s or blue whales is that?


So what is that as far as buttloads go?

Buttload: “A ‘butt’ is a traditional unit of volume used for wines and other alcoholic beverages. A butt is generally defined to be two hogsheads, but the size of hogsheads varies according to the contents. In the United States a hogshead is typically 63 gallons and a butt is 126 gallons.”

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I don’t know the weights but I saw a lot of huge boulders on the cliff tops on the Atlantic side of Inishmore, Ireland while hiking there. Considering that the cliffs are 100+ feet in places, seeing rocks the size of a VW that had been tossed there was damned impressive. I had a couple of locals describe the storms they get but it didn’t really sink in until I saw the evidence myself.


never underestimate the power of something as seemingly simple as water