Oculus and ILM announce a VR series: "Star Wars: Vader Immortal"

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/09/26/oculus-and-ilm-announce-a-vr.html


Personally I can’t wait until the Star Wars franchise finally explores the long-neglected 15-minute period of galactic history between Rogue One and A New Hope.


I dunno what a VR series is either.

Oh, oh - I know! It’s a meaningless mash-up of familiar words that isn’t meaningfully either of those things!

I continue to be skeptical of projects like this - there just aren’t enough VR headset owners to support anything that costs any money to make. So whatever this is, it’s apt to be underwhelming and/or short-lived.

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Alas, VR makes me nauseous.

Was that when a patrol ship found some giant but two-dimensional letters floating in space?

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I’m still looking forward to the filling in the gap between New Hope and the events of the Star Wars Holiday Special cartoon.

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