Odd video: dogs destroy wooden chair


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It’s sad that families today have to be torn apart by something as simple as wild dogs.

– Jack Handey


Maybe I should try to get a picture of the chair etched onto a bullet…


Let me introduce you to my little pets, Mister Bond…

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Sit?! I got your ‘sit’ right here, buddy!


Why? Because art.

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OK, so here’s what happened. The dogs are used to playing fetch. The owner does that trick where he fake throws a stick into a room. The dogs go in, can’t find the stick, and think, “Hmmmm. This chair is made of sticks! I’ll just get it down to stick size and return it!”

Must be Clint Eastwoods dogs

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What’s not shown is the rest of the dinette set, cowering out of the frame, being shown a bleak object-lesson in what happens when one tries to “rise above one’s station.”


Maybe they’re full of ALL OF THE RACISM IN DOGS

Why? Because it’s chair.

Them b**ches is crazy!

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** := en ?

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Custom made for someone with a very, very, specific and obscure fetish.

“No, no, they all have to be females. And the malnois has to be lactating.”

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If I were planning on conducting an interrogation, and didn’t care much about the ethics of it, I might train some dogs to attack a wooden chair on a given signal. Imagine if you were a subject tied to that chair. Would you be terrified? I would. You wouldn’t think it was the chair they’re attacking. “Tell us what we want to know, or we’ll set the dogs on you again.” That’s the only reason I can imagine for having dogs attack a chair in that way. That’s a seriously unpleasant video.

Looks like a police dog research/training video.

It’s a demonstration of the power of collective action. The first dog alone isn’t really getting anywhere and keeps biting different parts of the chair looking for a vulnerability. She’s not powerful enough to bite through the wood, and has nothing to work the chair against except the smooth floor. But once the other two join in, they all lock down on tugging it apart, not snapping around, and only then does the chair get really damaged.

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