Official apologizes for eating the last donut




Someone needs to "Hitler Reacts To Politician Taking the Last Donut"-this stat!

Well, ok then.


Ooh! Forbidden donut consumption!


I find this video to be cruel and insensitive.


That's great, we find you to be humourless and a drag at parties. Balance: Restored!


The guy DID blow about $30 grand of public funds on personal spa trips. I think he can stand a little bit of public ribbing, at least until he decides to pay the money back.




I'm sorry, did I seem to imply cruelty is a bad thing?


Was Gabriel Byrne pointing a gun at him at the time?


How can one be expected to control oneself, indeed.


Hitler finds out about Ryutaro Nonomura's apology


Nicely meta.


Thank you. smile


That was outstanding!


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