Official COVID-19 high school wrestling rule: you can wrestle but no shaking hands

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Open hand? What an odd restriction.

Yeah, these half assed, inconsistent, arbitrary measures are irrational and make people want to ignore all of them. Like curfews. So you get in your covid spreading before 10pm? Ban one type of gathering but not another. Insisting you wear a mask to enter a restaurant, but when you sit down you can take it off. Some of it is silly.


I am just going to leave this here. IANAD but I think the opening second line is COVID relevant.


Finally a cure for COVID-19 that nobody had thought of until now.

In other news, if your butt’s already weeping quills everything you wear is magically a T-back. Really pushing the gloaming of expanding Medicaid, OH.

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eta: Okay, they might have mawashi right-er than that. If you dislike pretending to be an exploded attack helicopter when settled on wrestling I guess.

So I had a fun crop the year I managed to plant carrots every time I dug something else out, but does it work with turmeric and maybe there’s Unicorn Ginseng? Looking at you, soggy industrial north. Also what’s Tom Atlee (last opinion; councils of competent peers) smoking?


It should be okay if they wear masks.


I can’t even pretend to be surprised at this kind of idiocy.

I recently read someone describe some recent rules as “pretending to pretend to try to try” to reduce covid spread. This is exactly the kind of thing they meant.

You can wrestle but you must remove your skin first.

They could wrestle all they want without danger of infection, if the proper precautions are taken:



This is to prevent any semblance of Black Power being expressed

Mmm. Curfews serve any number of reasons, such as reinforcing the general message of ‘shit got real, yo, so go home and stay there.’ They’re also a way of managing a limited workforce - enforcing separation and only going out for essential travel is really labour intensive. Restricting the times that people are out and about reduces the demands on a limited workforce. It also effectively forces stores that might otherwise choose to be open to send their staff home.


Sure, but like, a Nazi salute would be OK?

It totally makes sense to ban different types of gatherings if they have different propensities for transmitting covid 19.

And curfews may make sense for number of reasons including those stated beforehand but also that the drinking and carousing that often happens after 10:00 p.m. is a great way to transmit covid 19.

The primary thing we have to keep in mind is that all efforts to contain the spread of covid 19 are incremental and none of them are 100%.

However, allowing high school wrestling at all is ridiculous and stupid. Likewise the San Francisco Bay Area counties decision to ban any gatherings of people outside your household, but allowing high school sports. Just stupid.


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