Official: Explosive devices sent to Trump critics are consistent with online bomb-making designs

Meanwhile UKIP are re-running some vintage Soros-bashing.

I’m sure it’s a complete coincidence. /s

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What do you think Team Trump has been repealing for the last two years? Decades worth of progressive legislation passed by Democrats.


I heard this morning none of the devices had triggering mechanisms, which is why they didn’t go off. So, either the mad bomber is just trying to scare people, or he/she is a complete idiot.

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Or both. I suspect that is the most likely answer, honestly.

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It seems that bomb making may be a little harder than we think. There is a skills gap in the beginning where it’s easy to accidentally blow yourself up or make duds before you figure out the specifics. Also, the Venn diagram between “people insane enough to want to kill innocent people with bombs” and “good technical engineering skills” is but a small slice.


I guess mad bombers don’t have Q/A and tech support departments.

“It didn’t go off? Try unplugging it and plugging it back in… Hello?”


Could the subtext of this be:
“It’s not the fault of the right-wing media/troll factory for stoking violence and hatred! It’s those dirty libs with their talk of ‘net neutrality’ and ‘online freedom’! We have to stop these liberals before more people get hurt!”

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It seems hs is everyone’s favourite superhero: Florida Man.

A lot of the recipes need some tweaking.

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