Official: Explosive devices sent to Trump critics are consistent with online bomb-making designs


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…what appears to be a mass political assassination attempt targeting prominent figures associated with America’s opposition political party

Wait, so this nation has an opposition party? Since when? Democrats haven’t really wanted to slow down any move to the right for as long as I’ve been voting…


they kept repeating “web sites” like it’s some specific thing in a weird way



Up here in canada, the political party with the next highest amount of votes becomes the “opposition party”. (we have several parties to choose from) with only two effective parties(aw, independents) whomever is not in power is the opposition. (Just with the right think these days it’s all twisted out of shape…maybe)



It’s an executive airport and a seething mass of corruption.


Florida Man can’t even make one bomb that explodes.


So as i can see the bomb maker(s) used a (laser?) printer to create the labels. Since these produce microdots to enable tracking, the FBI can now probably identify the printer serial number used to create the labels. Would be interesting to see if this will be used in finding the culprits.


I would go after Debbie Wasserman Shultz. Case closed


Aside from the deadly seriousness of taking affirmative steps to kill people… It’s hard to imagine a more laughably idiotic cartoony-looking bomb-in-the-mail, right down to the lumpy envelope, misspellings, crooked stamps, on and on. Superfuckingeniuses.

Can you imagine the conversation: “Oh, yeah, and if we send them all at the same time, they’ll open them all at the same time, and it will be all, boom boom boom.”

Not for nothing do they call it “his base”.


“bomb-making instructions that are “widely available” online.”

I wonder if there is an implied “because we put them there”, and that’s why none of the bombs exploded.


Sure, blame that newfangled internet. Because I totally didn’t have The Anarchist Cookbook when I was like 15.


Its unlikely you can trace a serial number back to an individual. Unless they registered it with the manufacturer or something. May be able to trace it to the store it was sold by, but i don’t think manufacturers track which serials they send where.

More often the micro printing is used to lay on evidence after you find the suspect. This printed child porn came from that printer, which was owned by this guy, sort of thing.

Very much like how unabomb was tied to the manifesto by a distinctive feature of his type writer after a search of his cabin.

It can be used to tie things together. Show all labels were printed on the same unit, and thus all devices made at the same place. Or to get a search warrent. If you’ve got something printed by a suspect and the microprinting matches the bomb labels. Which is also how they got the warrent to search Unabombs cabin.

Who’s recipes didn’t seem to work too well.


I’ll take your word for it.


Then you’ve been paying attention to the wrong candidates.


Excuse my ignorance, but since young people in the US can use an assault rifle to ensure they make their problem everyone else’s, why shouldn’t they be able to use an IED for the same purpose?

This surely looks like someone was very much impressionable by rambling so-called adults and took them by their word. I wouldn’t bet on it, but maybe it will turn out the would-be bomber is not even old enough to vote.


Much more interesting was Steal This Book by Abby Hoffmann. Though most of the stuff in that book has been made obsolete, using pre-internet tricks and stuff. But still, interesting as it is more in his voice.


I keep waiting for someone to try to bomb/terrorize with instructions from old field manuals they bought at the Army surplus store. FOX: “Oh, that darn internet!!”


Anyone with good marks in high school chemistry, interest in model rockets and electronics could have slapped one of these together without any plans at all.

However, most of them are social adjusted enough to say “but why?”


In the olden days of junior high,I was assigned a project on “Anarchism”. The teacher really wanted an indictment of Sacco & Vanzetti, but I basically gave a book report on “The Anarchist Cookbook”, acting (pretty convincingly, it turns out) just like I knew wtf I was talking about. Wrists were slapped.