Often Feel Like You're Missing Eleven Days From Your Life? Blame the British Empire for The Calendar Act of 1750.

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But who would you ask? God?




Fun Fact: Russia was even later to the Gregorian Calendar party, which is why the February Revolution took place in March.


I once saw a speculation that rents were not similarly reduced. Short month (or quarter), full rent.
And probably paid by the day.


And Greece later still. They switched in 1923- my grandmother was born on January 1 (o.s.), though she continued to celebrate her birthday on January 1 (n.s.) rather than moving it to January 14 as it was easier to remember that way. I think Greece was the last country using the Julian calendar officially.


Am I correct in thinking the Greek Church still refuses to switch to the new calendar?

Most Orthodox Churches still use some form of the Julian calendar for liturgical purposes, which is why Orthodox Easter and sometimes Christmas have different dates than everywhere else.

The date of Easter in on the whole a delightful bit of weird. Based in trying to covert a lunar calendar to a solar calendar using Jesus math and fixed equinox.


Sort of. It uses the Revised Julian calendar which is currently in step with the Gregorian calendar but is not the same as it. So the Greek Church celebrates Christmas on a civil date of December 25, while the Russian Church (which is still on the old calendar) does so on January 7.


I’ve heard elderly ladies refer to 7 January as “little Christmas.”

Riots that did not happen? History can get weird at times. While they may not have happened, one good supposition for them would have been rents coming due sooner but with fewer days to make the money for them.

Another supposed outcome of the calendar change is Napoleon and the Battles of Ulm and Austerlitz. The Austrians were expecting to meet up with the Russians on October 20, but the Russians were still using the Julian calendar. Because of this, Napoleon was able to deal with the Austrians and then turn on the Russians. While this makes a great story, it does seem a bit dubious because apparently the Austrians and Russians had met and communicated a number of times before the battle.


On the other hand, I find it either interesting or unsettling that pretty much you find with a quick Internet search all end up pointing to the link above in some way. The only text I have on the Napoleon era does talk about the Gregorian calendar, but only that the French made a concession to the Pope and adapted the Gregorian calendar instead of their Revolutionary one.

And down the rabbit hole we go.

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