Olbermann on a Tear


…regarding that little threat…

I love this man.


Well I’m fired up



Definitely couldn’t have said it better myself, thank you Keith, for raising (yet another) monster red flag on trump’s lunacy. It’s part of what makes trump so scary: he bloviates about important things without having the faintest idea how or why those things are important. And threatening to use the political system to jail an opponent is, especially in America, one of those Very Important Things.


I think the detail that has most angered me, the past 15-20 years, is the unrelenting lie that progressives aren’t patriotic. THAT is patriotism.


I haven’t been so in agreement with Keith since his red-faced tirade against the Bush Administration’s use of torture…“IN OUR NAME!”

Damn right, Keith. Tell it like it is.





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