Older folk enjoying more weed


Something bitter, that grows on their lawn – which you youngsters can get off of


Yes. And for some of us, smoking came before a lot of other things.


This is true for a subset of Boomers. Now that they’re retiring, they seem more willing to admit to what they’ve been doing all along (lookin’ at you sideways, mom).


It really burns my biscuits when improperly performed studies are turned into sensationalized headlines full of misinformation and bad science. It gives people false hope for alternative treatment that ranges from ineffective to potentially life threatening.

Cannabinoids aren’t a panacea. Even if there are a thousand articles stating otherwise, all are full of unsupported claims. I view cannabinoids to be something that has a broad but shallow usefulness of a similar scope as aspirin. We’ll probably one day have see people taking therapeutic doses of cannabinoids as often as we see them with aspirin.

But cannabis clearly does not cure any known disease. It’s widely used recreationally and the likelihood that someone with a seriously illness accidentally cured themselves would be fantastically high, but we don’t see it in the real world. In short, it’s not a real miracle drug.


Another group that is definitely smoking more weed is people from Taos and Santa Fe. Every Colorado border town is now full of pot dispensaries. The nearest town from us, which is barely a town, now has four of them. But they finally opened a small two-pump gas station, so that is something.
I am amazed that the New Mexico cops don’t just wait on Highways 285 and 522 and intercept them on their way south. I guess the fact that this does not happen is a good example of probable cause limitations.


Same, headed north on 287 at Wyoming.

I know Kansas is making bank with BS stops.


You…you mean laetrile DOESN’T cure cancer?


/sarcasm on

Only when vapor-distilled down to essential oil, applied to the temples with a glass rod at the full moon and during the minutes between dawn and sunrise. It must be removed with snail mucus applied to a bamboo beauty pad and the potentiation site covered with a charcoal and clay mask between times.

Then it might smooth some wrinkles. But not cancer.
/sarcasm off


Have more hearts. Also donuts & sparklers. I don’t have a spare kitten at the moment, but I’m sure my cuddlebutt would be happy to play substitute.

I really don’t have problems with marijuana, and prefer it legal, but it’s like the wine snobs who are desperate for anything to justify their nightly consumption of a bottle. If it mellows one out, admit that and move on. It’s not gonna extend life; it will probably make for a happier asshole. Which is generally a good thing.

Stop looking for excuses that please an imaginary Puritan. It’s okay to just like something. (But do please realize that waxing poetic about it is still annoying, no matter if the waxing is about bacon or weed or wine.)


Not to mention the photo is NOT of a cannabis plant but of a cleome, and it’s legal EVERYWHERE. It won’t get you high or ease your afflictions, but it’s legal.


I’ve only done it four times over 13 years. Every experience was completely different. Time is completely absent. A five minute trip can literally seem like hours or longer. You forget you took the drug and if you don’t have a sitter with you, you can go to places and only hope you make it back. The best experience was sitting in my living room, took a hit and like a rocket, I burst through the roof of my house and it was like being on an elevator, I was in low Earth orbit looking down. I could see the curvature of the Earth. The scariest experience was when I was camping in broad daylight and the sky started tearing and reality was turning in on itself. I could actually see the fabric of this dimension opening up to whatever was behind it. I did’nt want to see it. It was quite frightening.


Is that when you saw the live yeti? :slightly_smiling_face:


No, that’s when he saw me!



Anecdotes from those in the now-legal (ish) pot retail sector confirm older people saying they are trying it now because it’s legal but also because edibles have pretty well standardized doses so no actual smoking is needed.


My mom (who is still in Ohio) joked that the cannabis law out here in Cali passed just in time, because ‘we’re gonna need it.’


You know, I’m not so sure about “more”, but it’s definitely not less.


I’ve done many years of service to the Ornamental Horticulture gods. On more than one occasion our delivery truck drivers, with a load full of greenhouse stock, have been pulled over and searched, questioned and detained on the side of the highway because of cleome. Well, that and KS Highway Patrol (esp Saline County) pride themselves on making large busts along I-70 and will pull over nearly any Ryder/U-Haul and all the Colorado drivers they can nab.


Some of us geezers have made the switch to a vape.


Sounds wonderful, in a terrifying way. I’d love to experience that.
Nowadays I do out-of-body experiences. While they can be difficult to induce, it’s much safer (no spotter needed). Also, no psychedelics are needed, just good relaxation skills :slight_smile: