Older folk enjoying more weed


That is NOT a cannabis leaf at all. That looks like a young leaf for a Spider plant, which are amazing decorative plants unto themselves. However, no, that is not a picture of a cannabis (marijuana) plant.

Source/Proof: I grew Spider plants in Hawaii, and I also grew cannabis in Hawaii. I currently grow cannabis in California. That’s not cannabis, and I’m 99% sure it’s a Spider plant leaf that just a couple months old.


I can totally understand that. I gave up cigarettes a few years ago and struggle to smoke a joint. I have a tabletop vaporiser, which works well but I also enjoy edibles.

Living somewhere where it’s still illegal means having to make my own cannabutter, which is was enough but takes a few goes to calibrate the dose for reach batch. I have no idea how many mg my standard dose is. The ability to buy a standard dose would be fantastic.


Since I haven’t smoked pot in 25 years or tobacco in almost 20, I really wasn’t interested in SMOKING anything…so I had some edibles…takeaways: 10 mg THC is a nice dose, standard dose…great feeling of ‘well being.’ Takes at least one hour to become effective…cost me all of $2.50 per high (in Colo.) How reasonable is that?? No smell. And I’m going on 70. So it’s never too late!


Yes, I understand regarding out of body experiences. I do TM (Transcendental Meditation) twice per day. The goal is to basically experience the void, the universal consciousness, and deep relaxation. You’re only supposed to do it for 20 minutes at a time, but I have transcended for up to 45 minutes and sometimes along the way the experiences can be really vivid and hallucinogenic in themselves.

As far as that particular saliva trip, I had after affects for a couple of days. My mind was having a difficult time deciphering what it was I actually experienced and I was fairly disturbed by it all. But eventually, I’m glad I had the experience. It was pretty eye opening, mind altering? For me, it allows me to understand/believe that there are indeed other planes of existence beyond our own. I can’t prove that and I suppose it can just be chemicals in my mind going over the top on a powerful hallucinogen. But my spiritual side accepts what I experienced for what it is. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if I did see what lay beyond that rip in time/space or whatever was actually happening. I think salvia can take the human consciousness to dimensions and other levels of existence that perhaps we are not meant to go.


Hey, what’s not to like? All the benefits with none of the drawback.


I have to admit I grabbed the first article I googled that supported my position, but didn’t read it.

I have never heard of any study that shows pot helps people with Huntington’s & Parkinson’s. I’ve heard of Israeli studies that show marijuana helps people with brain injuries. I’ve heard of MS patients who have been helped by weed. There was a pot activist in CA back in the 80s who reversed his adrenal cancer by smoking dope.
I do believe blowing weed will keep dementia & Alzheimer’s away. I’m 65, so I guess I’ll find out (my mother had Alzheimer’s when she died.)
By the way, Gary Wenk doesn’t claim to have citations in the quoted journal. It’s Ethan A. Huff, the staff writer, who brings this journal up.


It’s the perfect gift for your parents, in any state.


This is what happens after 50 years of smoking pot! NOTHING!!! It’s always been my go too for all my medical needs! I have Medicare and secondary insurance and Keep getting calls because I Never go, and don’t trust doctors…after watching both parents die hideous deaths at the hands of supposed great hospitals, They were given Meds that did nothing except make them sicker!..I’m not saying that Doctors don’t help they do if you have a broken bone or need life saving surgery (when needed…) but especially when you are older, they will use you as an experiment…because in a few years life is up anyway…When Hospitals begin using Marijuana as part of their normal treatment, I’’ consider it. Likeyou need surgery…the Mask of kush comes down…You need energy, a shot of sativa! Thats why Big pharma is scared YOu can use Mother Natures gift of Marijuana for just about everything!


There’s an excellent book written by a scientist who personally experiments with out-of-body experiences, searching for their validation with open-minded skepticism. It’s “Explorations in Consciousness: A New Approach to Out-of-Body Experiences” by Frederick Aardema.

This is my preferred approach too :slight_smile:


Oh, yeah, good point - I actually know an older woman with a terrible and incurable medical condition (that is somewhat alleviated by CBDs) who is now a complete stoner simply because edibles are legally available to her. She hates smoking in all forms, and only uses her prescription to buy weed for making cannabutter.


Meanwhile . . . Fewer older Canadians will be visiting the US.


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