On 60 Minutes, MTG insisted that Democrats are pedophiles

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Why, are they all Youth Pastors?


I gave Stahl one shot at asking a question, getting an inevitable looney-tunes response, and then hitting back hard. She failed and my opinion that there are better uses of my time on Sunday evenings was re-confirmed.


Even so much as a: “Right. That was an overt lie. OK, moving on…” might’ve partially redeemed themselves. But no, only a sour-ish face and an occasional edit to an image from some twitter/facebook clip. Nope, that’s not enough when dealing with such a malevolent national influencer. And not a single mention of mtg’s infamous “Jewish space lasers”!? -sigh-


It’s really disappointing how the press seems totally unwilling to call out these nut jobs. Instead they continue to lend them their platform uncritically. A democracy cannot function without a press that is doing its job. Sigh.


It sounds like it was better suited for Saturday mornings.


I thought for sure it was a trap and she was too stupid to know it add Lesley Stahl was going to take her down.

Nope, although she is posting clips and people are pointing out it’s not the win she thinks i is.


every accusation is a confession


NPR failed this week as well, just letting Trump’s lawyer plead the case with no pushback. It's almost as if there is no integrity in the news and it's all for eyeball revenue.....



all Stahl could do was sigh and shake her head.

She could have done a lot of things.



If one is giving Stahl the benefit of the doubt, I wonder if CBS forced this on her? Made her interview that human cyst because it’s good for ratings? The sigh may have been one of resignation about needing to do what she’s told?

It’s waffling, I know, but she has a long career of hard journalism worthy of respect so I find myself searching for ways to let her off the hook for this. :disappointed:


I can’t believe that any interviewer, much less a veteran journalist like Stahl, would repeatedly let Greene get away with making baseless accusations about Democrats being pedophiles without pointing out that Dennis Hastert, the longest-serving Republican Speaker of the House in history, is a sex predator who was convicted of abusing teenage boys in 2016. Not just accused, not just charged, but actually convicted and sent to prison for his crimes. Not to mention her longstanding relationships with known predators like Gaetz and Trump himself.


The supposedly “left-leaning” mainstream media has a lot to answer for in normalizing fascism. At least Fox News is clear about it’s biases.


I see where you’re coming from, but a long career of journalistic integrity would make me want to hold someone to a higher standard, not a lower one. And, I completely understand that sometimes you have to literally sell your integrity to get enough money for food and to live indoors. It might be unkind, but I don’t think Stahl is in the group working paycheck to paycheck, so I’m less willing to cut her that slack.


Now I must watch some of Stewart & Oliver’s interviews with folks as a palette cleanser. Those two would get people in expecting it to be a joke and then just beach on a direct, “What does this actually mean, though?” and get stuck with a central conflict.

Stewart’s interview with Jim Kramer had him apologizing for his life choices.

Maybe the problem with ‘respectable journalism’ is the need to be seen as respectable, getting directly in the way of addressing clear violations of those norms. Everyone’s platforming a nutcase, so it’s uncivil to face it fully.


Magic The Gathering is eventfully going to FAFO like Fox with the Dominion defamation suit. She’s only protected for the things she says in Congress & she’ll target someone outside in a clearly defamatory fashion and someone will bankrupt her.


I love Dean Obeidallah but there’s a kind of irony in his op ed being posted on CNN which has been equally guilty of amplifying fascists these past several months.

These things include repeatedly giving Mike Pence and Glenn Youngkin high-profile prime time interview slots and “town hall” style features, having Trump’s lawyers do interviews, giving a Friday prime time slot to Bill Maher to spread his brand of garbage, always having pro-Trump panelists who repeat the same damn talking points, and running fluffy 30-60 minute prime-time segments on Republicans like Chris Christie and Chris Sununu largely on the basis of “these guys aren’t as bad a Trump”.