Ontario businesses want trumpy Doug Ford to kill leave for domestic abuse survivors, allow mandatory high heeled shoes

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Rob and Doug?
My bad; the originals were funnier.


If the protections are “harmful to business”, presumably it’s because so many women have been taking that time off, and maybe – just maybe – this indicates an epidemic of violence against women in Ontario that needs to be taken seriously.

But the Ford family would know nothing about that, right?


“Mandatory” high heels… yeah, that’s not gonna lead to any viable lawsuits.


I imagine as long as employees of all genders were required to wear high heels, it would not be unreasonable.


What i want to know is What the fuck is going on in Ontario that Rob Ford and his brother both got elected? (legit question)


And I thought BC was the political laughingstock of Canadian provinces. I stand corrected.


Does it discriminate by gender?

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Oh, I think we can point fingers at any province at some point.

The entire country, on occasion, too.


The proposed policy?

I’m not a Canadian citizen, so I don’t know for certain; but I highly doubt such a stipulation would be forced upon cis-hetero men.


OTOH, since gender discrimination is prohibited (like DF cares), that would be a fun way for someone to get the law changed back, mighty quick.

A couple of hours in a pair of heeled pumps would have most men howling, let alone all day, every day. The guys who already know how to wear them might be glad of the opportunity.


Oh, I hope Canadian women take that stance; it can only become a law if everyone has to abide by it, regardless to gender.

That will nip that foolish shit in the bud, with the quickness.


I can think of several conservative men who wore high heels, but I’m not sure if they ever made them mandatory for their employees. Maybe a rodeo?



Although cowboy boots will eventually hurt after wearing them for a few hours, they ain’t got nothing on these puppies;

And yes, I think that any dude who thinks this is somehow a good idea or who votes for it should totally be forced to wear 5+ inch stripper heels all day…


From what others have said around these part before, i understand that the issue is suburbs. The areas surrounding the city proper are pretty conservative and also want to punish the residents of the city.


help - we are surrounded by poo people - make them stop


Yeah, it was precisely because certain employers were requiring their workers to wear them (I’m pretty sure they were waitresses) that there was an appeal that this violated their human rights. And it was the uproar over the unfairness of allowing any employer to mandate heels that led to the inclusion of the prohibition in the revision to Bill 148 (The Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act, 2017) last year.

So, in fewer words, what Ford has done is rescind the progressive legislation protecting workers’ rights that was passed by the former government just last year.

Bill 148 had a whole whack of protections, the freedom from torturous footwear was only a small part. It also signifigantly raised minimum wage and ensured that companies that hired contract workers to do jobs had to pay them equivalent wages to permanent workers doing those same jobs. Given the general shift in employment, these were really really important for thousands of people in the province.


It is a question that many here are themselves wondering.

In part they are manifestations of the same disenchantment with the status quo, fear of the way society is changing, and willingness to believe right wing claptrap about turning the clock back that helped install Orange Cheeto down south. It doesn’t help that in Canada we are just deluged with whatever the political dialogue is in the US – so we end up having people here imagining that immigration has suddenly become a big issue, although the numbers don’t support that. Canadians tend to despise Trump, but his blather nevertheless ends up informing a lot of our political talking points unfortunately.

But there are other factors too. Generally when one party is in power federally (the Liberals right now) there is a backlash provincially, which we certainly saw – the provincial liberals lost so badly that they lost opposition status in the legislature.

Doug Ford also benefited from a particularly chaotic run up to the election, in which the former head of the conservative party (who was considerably more moderate in many of his stances) had to step down following a sex scandal. This left them only a few months to come up with a new leader prior to the election. Doug Ford immediately stepped up as a possible replacement and ran. His three opponents for leader were all women. The PC’s went with the man. Even though the man was manifestly unqualified. Can you believe it?

So it may have been a kind of perfect storm. But that is little comfort. He’s going to make a wreck of the province and especially of Toronto.


Those … look …



Like torture devices?