Oops! A kid breaks his home window playing hockey

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Glad there were no cameras when I was a kid.


I’m sure I would have seen the inside of a prison, or worse.


Reminds me: Is anybody working on a key fob gizmo to interfere with Ring doorbells? Kinda like that universal TV switcher-offer dingus from a few years ago. I was once worried the city was going to put CCTVs all over my neighborhood, never dreaming my neighbors were going to do it for them.


Alright boingboing is straight-up unironically posting ads for Ring as content now!


Shh! Now I can add this to my Kidz Will B Kidz business model.*

*We offer reputation management :angel:t4:; witnesses to swear you were nowhere near the scene; removal of any footage of the incident; a smaller, cuter scapegoat :baby:t4:; and (in extreme cases) a range of disguises to wear until the whole thing is forgotten. :cowboy_hat_face: :sunglasses: :face_with_monocle: :alien: :ghost: Payment in change or household chores accepted.


LOL, how many of the 1/6 insurrectionists have called you for help?


Standard kid logic: I’ll use this >breakable thing< as a backstop for my net as I take shots so I don’t have to go chase the ball when I miss.

That’s why I always thought that Fahrenheit 451 was a more likely scenario than, say 1984. 1984 required an apparatus that would be impossible to maintain long-term, while F451 merely required people to choose comfort, convenience and the false promise of peace to gladly surrender their humanity, compassion and intellect:

“Remember, the firemen are rarely necessary. The public itself stopped reading of its own accord.”


So, uh, we’re doin’ the sponsored content from Ring, I guess?

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Dollars to doughnuts, that kid forgot all about the camera, which would have led to an interesting conversation with his parent[s} if he tried to deny knowledge of how the window got borked.

my favorite part was when nothing of discernible interest happened on screen

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Fake news, dad! Manufactured by the deep state and big surveillance camera!
Who do you believe, your lyin’ eyes or your own flesh and blood?
That wasn’t me!
And if it was, that video is a violation of my constitutional rights, so I’m the real victim here!

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One of the little unreported benefits of living with a park at walkable distance :slight_smile:

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