Open carry swords come to Texas on Sept 1


The fact is we had an unenforceable law that could not hold up to any real scrutiny.


Ah cool. Everyone’s favorite on the show.

I liked him even more when I realized he was 1/2 of the Boondock Saints.

In related news, stuntman is brain dead from a stunt gone wrong :frowning:


I had heard that the stuntman died. Sad news! I wonder which hospital they took him too?

Here’s what io9 said this morning:


That was my point: this is destined for failure in so many different ways. Laws are supposed to be protecting ourselves from the idiocy of others, not making it easier for them to inflict their idiocy on us and giving them more ways to invoke it. It’s nuts.




FL - naked but crocs
TX - naked but cowboy boots
WI - naked but bowling shoes
UK - naked but wellies

and so forth



God damn that was a good movie.


They also spent a ridiculous amount of time getting the concealed carry license fee dropped. Abbott wanted to make it free. The reduced fees will cost the state 12.6 million.

Oh, and also spending time removing the power to make laws at the municipal level. Because Abbott is mad about Austin’s tree ordinance.


Becoming more relevent every day.


When I sold Starfire Swords (at Ren Faires) we had a backstrap to carry the claymore - not a sheath, just a long strip of leather with metal rings at top and bottom to hold the sword on your back. You drew the sword from behind your head. It looked really impressive, and needed about 10 feet of clearance on all sides to do safely.


Heeyyy. I think I bought one of those for a friend who liked swords but had nothing but shit wall hangers. It wasn’t sharp but it was carbon steel.


I love those basic swords (and axes). They were honestly smithed and designed for stage combat, and all you need is a green scrubbie and WD-40 to keep them looking good.


Yeah, thats why I got it. I was tempted to go get one for myself, but I know a guy who makes swords and should probably bet one from him custom.

I did buy a welded steel dagger from him. I need to polish it up and sharpen it. And make a new sheath.


churches are much more suited to up close knife work. unless you go to a mega church, then you’d need some sort of long range weaponry.

I thought the NSA had too much power?

#What could go wrong?



Not on holy ground Highlander!



I didn’t know they were making another! Could be great! Too bad Freddy isn’t around to do the score :frowning: