Open carry swords come to Texas on Sept 1


On your conscience? /s


Paul the Samurai carries his katana in a loaf of french bread.


We’ll need something to cut all of that cheesecake with.


At this point, I think it’s clear they don’t even need the suspicion.

Yeah, see the police response to white and not-white open carriers, as evidenced in various Youtube videos…

Without a wealthy sword industry with a lot of money to throw my way, it’s not happening :frowning:


I am so confused now


Like-a this-a dress?


D’you know the idea of walking about with a claymore or a spadone or what-have-you was so obviously stupid I just imagined the sort of sword people historically wore at their side—arming swords and spathas and smallswords and the like depending on the age. I guess if you put on a baldric with a goddamn estoc in it you would be a general menace.


hmmm, we should probably get right on that. word is such things are super profitable.


…That’s Canada,


Don’t you know, in today’s economy, you don’t work for actual financial compensation… just doing the job is reward enough! Get on the neo-liberal bandwagon! :wink:


God help me, I loved that part.



I’d choose Eric Nally of Foxy Shazam, but that’s me. (Yeah, I know. I’m stuck on their music lately.) He’s got a magnificent voice. It could work. (He’s no Freddy Mercury, but we’ll never see anyone like him again.)

Obligatory YouTube: (song starts about 1:13, mild profanity at one point)

Now the only challenge is getting a decent script. It needs to be better than the Source. But just about anything would be better than the Source. :smiling_imp:

And then they can shoot the movie in Texas, since the sword carry law will make it much easier for them. >wandering back on topic<


I live in Texas. There were two issues I ran into that prompted me to support open carry.

The main issue I had, pre-open carry, was that if I was carrying concealed, and I reached up to get something off a shelf at the store and my shirt/jacket/whatever raised up enough that any part of the firearm was visible, then I was breaking the law, even if for only a second. I personally had police officers write me a ticket for that. Now with open carry, that’s not a problem.

The other was when I’m out at the farm and open carrying there (snakes and wild dogs [f-ing assholes come out and dump their problem dogs in our area: they are not afraid of people, but get mean and vicious real quick, and like to eat our ducks and chickens]), and then I need to run into town for something, if I forget and leave my pistol on my belt, it’s no big deal now, and all nice and legal.

Usually before I would realize it as I got out of the truck. Then you’re stuck either finding a shirt or jacket to cover up with, or taking off your pistol which then leads to where do you store it? And what if it gets stolen while you’re in the store? And what if someone sees you while you are taking it off and gets the wrong idea. So yeah, open carry is nice.

I believe that it was during Reconstruction that Texas banned carrying swords and Bowie knives, and concealed and open carry of handguns. We finally allowed licensed concealed carry in 1994. In between if you wanted to carry you became a reserve deputy or reserve police officer. Then you were a cop, so it was ok. We had lots and lots of reserve cops. Not so much, now.


That partially explains why there are more than 20 different law enforcement organizations with overlapping jurisdictions in Texas. I rarely see people openly carrying here. I wouldn’t flinch if I did see them, unless they were acting idiotic.

The more urban it is, the more open carry is intimidating to regular cityfolk. Out in the country and smaller towns, it really isn’t a big deal. I personally feel that in cities, people shouldn’t do it, as a matter of politeness. Or do what you said and really attempt to cover it up so that people don’t see it. City slickers are a totally different breed than country folk who have to work outside, in the heat, in the pouring rain, all year long, with critters and snakes slithering around causing a ruckus.

More to the point, when I work outside cutting brush, I might accidentally forget I had my machete in my back pocket when I go to the store for more beer. I don’t want to get a citation for open container AND open carry, if you know what I mean. Just one will do.


TSA confiscation auctions on eBay are about to be kicked up a notch


That’s the Texas way.


Yosemite Sam is clearly from California.


1st thought: I WANT THAT DRESS but in black, or dark red.
2nd thought: that looks like a movie screen grab. (image match search) Oh. haven’t seen it yet. That dress makes WW so much cooler!
3rd thought: Cosplayers will have already deconstructed the dress, and I have enough time to make one for the annual formal banquet (wearing swords is allowed for certain ranks).
4th thought: my sword it too long to wear that way, it’ll interfere with sitting in a dining chair.
5th thought: I must buy a new sword.


So does WW. Friggin’ Aries dissolved the coolest sword in the world with his bare hand, dangit.