Open carry swords come to Texas on Sept 1


Right, they allow conceal carry of guns, which is so much better. And since there’s no conceal carry permit for a sword, guns are still allowed in more places than swords.


I was not trying to imply that one was better, but they are different things, with specific definitions. But also, nobody under 21 can get a concealed permit, so that eliminates many undergraduates.
I like the abstract concept of carrying a sword. I did get to have one as a senior in university, but did not get to carry it all the time. I do know that both of my kids would carry swords everywhere, if they could get away with it. The do always have knives, when not in school. But not with the expectation of hurting anyone.


2, as in 2 swords.


In the medieval fencing group I was with, most used angling rod bags to transport their Fechtfeder, even though they were not technically swords as they had no edges. Still, you don’t need the funny stares on the subway with those things.

In case you want to know what a Fechtfeder is, well, it’s a training and duelling “sword”.


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