Ordering food at Taco Bell drive-thru while watching a parking lot fight

well, yeah, fire fighters are first responders but not Sworn Peace Officers.

Absent some sort of imminent danger, I’m pretty sure they are in the same legal position as any other citizen.

Sure, you could try to get one of these two incisive debaters to agree to a citizens arrest…

…or you could use your fire fighter’s radio to summon a Peace Officer to handle the situation, which is what they did.

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I have to say I’m not impressed. They fight like girls. They need some serious martial arts training. Next time, I want to hear the crunch of bones.

“Crunch of Bone” is my next band name. Whoops! Wrong thread!


Nice grappling technique!

Utterly routine day at Taco Bell.


The title of this article is like a lead in to this post:


That was hotter than watching Hillary get the nomination!

Watching the fights makes me hungry, too.

‘yeah, on second thought, better throw in a quesadilla, too…’


Ur comment was probably meant to be sarcastically funny, so on that note lol. I don’t know if u know a first responder or not but as a fire fighter/EMS… We don’t always go for the hose or the ax lol


Order Taker: “Would you like anything to drink with your order?”

Customer: “Uhm…yeah…I think I’ll have – oh! What did she just splatter all over the side of that car? That looks good. I’ll have one of those.”


Hey - somebody just used that over in the bikini cop post. I know, I know, why not both…


That’s a good sign! The original had its run. Zoidberg is king of the memes now!

*Bonus points if you read that last sentence in Zoidberg’s voice, 'cuz I know I did.


“So… the hose then?”

Seems like a good idea to me. A good dousing would’ve likely stopped the fight. And if it didn’t it would at least make it more interesting to watch.

Probably the guy recording with his phone.

infinite l(y)ikes!

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(We probably all knew that, but it doesn’t hurt to say it again.)

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Crunch Of Bone is also Taco Bell’s next bid for “authenticity.”

They lost any semblance of authenticity when they introduced the caulk gun.

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They went from fighting to tribbing.

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