Oregon farmers are growing far more weed than residents can smoke


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Hemp = marijuana. They are the same goddamn plant. That’s why they are both called cannabis sativa.


Is it really necessary to call me an idiot?

Calm down buddy, hemp is legal to cultivate in many places because it is not the same plant species. Hemp does not produce THC in appreciable amounts. Your knee-jerk reaction is the exact reason the government outlawed both hemp and psychoactive-bearing plants as well: no on cared to draw a distinction between the two, so here we are.

Seriously though, why are you so mad that they aren’t the same thing? We’re on a science-centric website having a rational discussion, but you just want to broadly classify weed to fit some bizarre narrative you’ve conjured up.

Maybe take a puff and chill?


I apologize for calling you an idiot.
But you still don’t seem to have reading comprehension. I gave you two articles that noted that hemp is cannabis sativa & that pot is cannabis sativa. The idea that they are two different plant species was cultivated by hemp promoters back in the 90s so that US states would allow hemp to be grown. They are versions of the same plant. Just like there are different versions of Dr. Who, but according to the show, he is the same individual.


It’s the same species but a different strain.

It’s like how bell peppers are the same species as birds eye chillis (Capsicum Annuum), but have very different uses in food.


Yeah, I guess I got up on the wrong side of the bed or something. My apologies to everyone, again.


The proper term is varietal or cultivar. Selective breeding can do a whole hell of a lot.

Cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, And kale are all just different cultivars of the same species. Most of the squashes we eat are cultivate of just two species. All things considered hemp and marijuana aren’t even all that different from one an other. Ones been selected to maximize fiber production, on to maximize the production. More on the level of the difference between sweet corn and field corn.



I have always had problems where I forget the correct word. It seems to be connected with my dyslexia, as they both get worse with stress,


Sorry for calling you out but I do appreciate the response, took my post down


Same family, no question, but I read the literature you have posted and erroneously concluded that there is still some debate as to whether cannabis is a monospecies or several. I see now that hemp was never included in this distinction, which is truly a surprise to me!

Anyhow, thanks for apologizing, even if I was in fact being an idiot :wink:

I do however stand by the notion that cannabis is vastly different from staple food crops, which dictates much of the policy, economics, and methodology behind its cultivation.

Simply put, weed will never be at a scale or complexity that crops like corn and rice are produced at. There will never be such a demand, and supply will be scaled accordingly.


In this case maybe not “strain” is the terminology used in the pot market. Cultivar and varietal are what we use in farming and biology. Just figure if anyone’s trying to figure out the difference between a breed of plant and a species “strain” is gonna get them a bunch of stoner shit.


Anybody can grow weed in Oregon. An average citizen can grow four plants for themselves; home growers can’t (legally) sell, and dispensaries won’t touch non-commercial product at risk of losing their license. There’s definitely a grey market, but the legal market was pretty good in its first year or so.

I’m not arguing whether the state should or should not have the power to decide who legally grows weed for commercial sale. I am saying that the state has that power; that it promised to keep the number of licenses low to ensure a thriving, legal market; and that they have not limited the number of licenses, causing a surplus of product that can’t be sold.

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