Oregon police try to calm distressed citizens over alleged missing baby giraffe

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2017/09/06/oregon-police-try-to-calm-dist.html

Seems to me if someone in your town had a baby giraffe then they probably have some adult giraffes too, so everyone in town would be familiar with “that person who owns the giraffes.”


Hell I look for them all the time…never seen a single one but that doesn’t stop me from looking…Never can tell what might show up.


Made me think of this Onion article


Jason Webley sadly turns his car around on I-5 and heads back to Everett…

(US, UK below.)

Baby giraffes look sweet. But I wouldn’t dare to come near any Camelopard, ever. I once woke up in a remote hut in Tanzania, opened the door and looked on a giraffes ankle, in arm’s length reach. A lone bull, no less. It was really wonderful, but I wouldn’t have left the hut for money.


It’s also sad to recognize that when small human African-Americans go missing, nobody loses their shit like this.


As a resident of Beaverton I was more than a little disappointed when this turned out to be a hoax. I showed the kids when it first showed up on the r/Portland subreddit, and we debated pretty hard about whether it was real or not - of course our proximity to Portland made it totally believable. At the very least we got a great laugh out of Beaverton PD’s response!

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