Origin of Rockwell style KKK Self Portrait

In a couple of recent comments, I linked this image I saw via Instagram and thought it’d be appropriate to track down its origins here.

“Mr. Fish” has been illustrating for Chris Hedges on truthdig for a number of years. The work dates back to January 2013 for the article

In case you aren’t super familiar with the inspiration:

I imagine Rockwell would have been proud of this tribute, having taken on the KKK himself.

Mr. Fish commented more recently on this piece:

I received a note this morning from a fan who reminded me of an illustration that I did almost 4 years ago. He correctly suggested that the image might have greater relevance now than when I originally posted it, which is unfortunately true. So, in the interest of forcing our collective faces back into the instructive commentary offered by the deep dark truthful mirror, I present this cartoon, not as proof of our defeat at the rope-burned hands of bigots and soulless automatons of institutionalized bigotry and hick paranoia, but rather as a battle cry calling to action the hearts and minds of better men and women poised and ready to fight peaceably for a kinder and more tolerant future.

Note: Portrait of Captain America modeled from original drawing by comic illustrator John Amor whose work I dig.

There was a link to John Amor but the site is offline. His home page presents his work in reverse chronology.

It’s art. Some may be shocking or NSFW. Here are some fairly safe ones.


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And it’s not all Trump.

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CLI CHE´ (Stop Branding Progressivism!)

And finally, a video walk through of a 2016 gallery exhibition.


This guy rocks.


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