VA official proudly displays KKK Grand Wizard portrait in his D.C. office, ‘I thought it was very nice’


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Nope this administration isn’t full of stupid clueless racist dickweeds at all… /s


This guy has been in his current role at the VA since 2013.

White supremacy is bipartisan.




Me, everyday now:


Forrest was a slave trader before the Civil War, ordered the slaughter of African American union soldiers at Fort Pillow, and was the KKK’s first leader. This painting has the title “Never Surrender.” I can’t imagine what that title could possibly mean…

Fort Pillow:


Thomas could argue stupidity, if not for the fact that non-stupid people tried to help him overcome stupid. Stivers, the artist, has no such argument. Painting that subject and adding that title causes me to wonder where he keeps his hood and robe. Right next to his tiki torch, I would imagine.


This is what I was going on to mention. On top of the racism and the terrorism, there’s the whole issue of honoring a traitor who massacred US soldiers, in a VA office.


All is not lost As soon as POTUS finds out it’s available, the picture will be hanging in the White House.


Even if one were utterly ignorant of Forrest’s specific personal history, buying a painting of a Confederate general titled “Never Surrender” is a decision that speaks a great many things very loudly, and none of them are good.


Ouch. Had not gone that far. Wow, that is some deep evil there.


Watch those black employees find themselves working in basement closets or something.

Man, it’s about time to watch Office Space again.


US military installations in general are absolutely awash in the names of Confederates.


He’s in an appointed position and can be fired without being given a reason.

And he’s the deputy- so his boss needs to be interviewed and be pressured over why he chooses to keep him on - and how this happened under his watch.

It ahostile work environment. The line staff should sue as well.


The KKK tie-in is beside the point. He works for veterans of the United States Army, not the Confederate States Army. Would he display a portrait of Rommel, or Tojo, or any other enemy general who fought against the United States because he thought it was a nice picture?! It would be bad enough in any US government office. But the VA? Unbelievable.


I keep this on my MP3 player, to play when I need to restore my sense of righteous outrage:

This podcast episode is . . . masterful. A calm, almost cajoling voice slowly morphing to restrained fury.



Because hanging prints of notable enemies of the United States in your office is just normal Veterans Affairs material?


Maybe he just likes human traffickers.


I will allow that in fairness he truly may have not known. Most people are fairly clueless as to who the subjects are and assume most paintings are just a made up character.

At least he is having it removed now that he knows.