VA official proudly displays KKK Grand Wizard portrait in his D.C. office, ‘I thought it was very nice’

What a shit show…

  1. "He said he was unaware of Forrest’s affiliation with the hate group, " So he never saw Forrest Gump?

  2. Even if he didn’t know it was Forrest or what Forrest did after the war, they are still Confederates. It is as odd as having a Japanese or German or Vietnamese or Taliban general on the wall, no matter how well painted.

  3. “No Surrender” must be the most ironic title ever. LOL. I mean, if he died for the cause, I guess it would be an apt title. But he done surrendered.


Everything else notwithstanding, it’s not even that good of a painting! Put Mahatma Ghandi on the horse and it’s still mediocre!


You mean the White Nationalist House.


here’s one military man who no longer keeps an icon of a traitor–


Watch for putins picture next


A quick examination of his oeuvre should indicate which side he dresses

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From the article:

He said he knew of Forrest only “as a Southern general in the Civil War”

I mean … he knew Forrest was a traitor. That alone should’ve been enough.


Well of course the print is very nice – I mean those KKK guys, they include some very nice people!

“Look, all I knew was that he was a traitor who massacred US soldiers, I had no idea he was a KKK Grand Wizard as well!”


And ancestor and namesake of Forrest Gump.

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Well, it’d make an OK comic cover.

If he thinks that’s a very nice print, I have a Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan poster he can brighten that wall with. [Chuffs with pride] It’s at least a 2-color print.

I mean, if he actually wants to transgress he can get that stuck doorway to hell open maybe by coming up with a series of portraits pertaining to the sugar and artificial sweetener industries? Just get an Argentine poster with schematic maps of the nice early civil wars where the principal weapons are giant stalks of…like, super sharp monkfruit or something. Poipoi dancers riffing on the caster sugar industry would be nice. They can be painted (but to pass staff review…)


The Reconstruction was almost 150 years ago, why do people insist on still supporting terrorists organizations from a time long past?


Why the hell not? I can certainly say that many British officers have portraits of all sorts of enemy officers on their walls, libraries full of their books, etc.

Is having a picture of or even admiring someone who fought against your country a thoughtcrime in the US? Is your society that jingoistic?

It’s precisely the KKK founding bit that makes a portrait of Bedford Forrest an inappropriate thing to hang on your wall.

A painting of a Confederate general called ‘Never Surrender’.

Isn’t that precisely what they did?


They lost the war, but they never gave up on the principle of white supremacy for which it was fought.


Fun/not so fun fact:

The title “Grand Wizard” comes from the fact that Nathan Bedford Forrest was asked to be the first Grand Wizard. His moniker during the war was “The Wizard of the Saddle.”

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Even if he didn’t know the guy was a Klan idiot - why do people continue to glorify men who rebelled against the United States? Who actively tried to kill Americans?


WTF is up with being called a “Wizard”? And the robes and the pointy hoods…it’s like someone went back in time and thought “I’ll work from within the KKK to make sure they never get popular…what can I do? I know, I’ll have them wear ridiculous clothes and give them ludicrous titles. Nobody is going to go along with THAT!”

Hate is an awfully powerful drug.

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There’s an extra horse’s ass in that portrait.

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