Origins of Trump family fortune traced to Canada brothel during Gold Rush era


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He looks like a hipster, doesn’t he?


wait, what exactly is meant by “fresh oysters in every style”? hmmmmmmmm
I’ll show myself out


“Truth is, as a base of operations, you cannot beat a fucking saloon.”



I could not find mention of it in “Red Light Women of the Rocky Mountains”


Is that a definitive guide to brothels during that era? I’ve never done research on the topic. (Quick google search.) Looks like the author (Jan MacKell) mainly researched the history in Colorado and then expanded to several US states. Not sure it would be in there, being a Canadian brothel.


It is pretty comprehensive. My thing is Industrial Archaeology, so we spend a lot of time in ghost towns and abandoned mines. I think it is also interesting to identify the brothels, and other structures. The brothels are a good place to look for old laudanum bottles.


Maybe it was an artisanal brothel.


I’d recognize that hairline anywhere.


Why would he want to lie about this? It all happened long before he was born, and it seems like the kind of thing he could joke about. It’s almost like you can’t trust what he says.


More like Robert Vaughn with a beard.


Ah, some history from back when the family was respectable…


How much of Canada was covered though? I don’t see any evidence that was a primary area of research for the book.


This is kind of interesting, but dammit, I’m so tired of hearing about Donald Trump every day.

And the worst part is, after the election we still won’t be rid of him, since he’s promised to contest the result, sue every woman he molested, and of course the Trump U. case heads to court next month too.


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I just grabbed it again. No special chapters on Canada. Possibly mentions in the other parts.





From what I posted above, the focus of the book seemed to be CO and surrounding states in the US. That’s why I asked.


Yeah, I think the fact that Trump thinks it’s perfectly ok to make jokes about grabbing women’s genitals but sees a need to lie about his grandfather being involved in sex work tells you everything you need to know about Donald.