Ossoff beats Purdue, Dems control Senate

Given his speech a few minutes ago, yeah, it’s possible he’s in a very different mood tonight.


I’ll cross any body part it takes to get the Dems to grow a spine and do what’s needed, but if the last 4 years have taught me anything, it’s not to get my hopes up.

Perhaps, I’ll write a sternly worded letter…


this is what I’ve been waiting for my entire voting career. I only saw it the first time with Sanders. but the party still gave the nomination to business-as-usual-emphasis-on-BUSINESS. Warnock has a spine, which I know from the Republican “smear” ads which always leave me wanting to vote for whom they are designed to detract. from the pulpit, rev Warnock has said “not god bless America, god DAMN america” and that the police are “gangsters and thugs”.
Ossoff seems to have a spine. I heard him forcefully yelling that he wanted to beat Purdue so badly that he’d be afraid to show his face again, but that could just be bluster. AOC we know has a spine.
so there are party members with a spine now (as opposed to the last 30+ years of none). but the party? doubtful, but at least there are beacons they can identify with somewhat safely now. not great, but I’ll take it.


We’ve seen individual members with spines, but those seem to get slowly extracted by DNC machinations as time goes on. Hopefully this whole mess inspires more of them to grow vertebrae, so many that the scales tip, and the party becomes what it currently only pays lip service to.

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