Out-takes from the closing credits of the Peter Sellers' "Being There"

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Great movie. I still laugh out loud when watching this clip. I love it when blooper reels are shown during closing credits.

Sorry, but I could not disagree more strongly.

I saw Being There in its first week in the theater, and there were no outtakes under the credits. People came out of the theater talking and arguing about what they had just seen, especially the ending.

I then saw it again later, after the studio added the outtakes, presumably because people weren’t leaving the theater laughing (“Hey, it’s a Peter Sellers movie! People are unhappy it’s not a yuckfest!”) The effect was completely different.

Yes, people laughed, but the outtakes also destroyed the lovely character that Peter Sellers had carefully and quietly created. It ripped back the curtain on the performance and said, “Look! It’s just an act! He’s breaking up the crew and swearing!”

Outtakes have their place, but stapling them to the end of that performance was a disservice to the actor and the film.


It didn’t have that effect on me. I knew that it wasn’t a documentary so I was aware that he was acting all along. I thoroughly enjoyed the film.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen the version with the bloopers. Weird.

Wait, it wasn’t a documentary? I must be so stupid. /s

My point was that the film and Sellers’ performance created a very specific and gentle mood, and provided an ending designed to spur thought and conversation. Abruptly shifting into the outtakes shattered that mood.

I generally don’t mind outtakes over credits, but I strongly feel they are misplaced here.


Nice timing. I saw this movie while in high school when it came out. And just last night, watched it with my son, who is now in high school. Good movie for repeat viewing; noticed more how what is on the TVs comments on the scene in which it is included. See so much more how everyone Chance encounters use him as a flattering mirror.

Re: the outtakes during the credits. Mr Sellers didn’t like that they were included. He believed it took away from Chauncey’s mystique.


I knew about the source-novel (haven’t read it), and I knew about author’s troubles with The Painted Bird.

What I didn’t know until today is there is a similar problem with Being There, which has been charged with plagiarising another Polish novel:

I’d have to read both to form a strong opinion. From the synopsis, the genesis seems clear – but Kosiński’s take seems to have a much different point. His central character is not trying to keep up appearances, he doesn’t even understand others are taking him for something else.

I especially enjoyed the wacky outtakes they added onto Schindler’s List.


They did a little homage to that final scene in an episode of “Arrested Development.”

SCENE: Michael’s mentally challenged ex-fiance Rita bids him farewell and turns to walk across the top of the swimming pool

MICHAEL (TO GOB): This is part of your trick, right?

GOB: That’s not my trick, Michael.

(queue “Next Time on Arrested Development”)

GOB: …it’s my ILLUSION!

GOB dramatically releases fireball that ignites Tobias, who tries unsuccessfully to dive into the pool to put himself out

Interesting! It didn’t bother me. I took the film as one piece and the outtakes as another. I didn’t find that they interfered with one another. Peter Sellers was such a fabulous comic actor that they were both enjoyable.

It’s too bad Sellers wasn’t in more really good movies. I did like the Pink Panther movies (the earlier ones were the best), but he was in some real stinkers.

One of my best memories is an interview with Sellers on NPR, when the interviewer asked him what his real accent was. He had a lot of trouble providing an example.


Me too! On the other hand, the blooper reel during the end credits of “Cannonball Run” ruined the artistic integrity of that film for me.


I could never tell when the movie ended, and the bloopers began.

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I actually wrote a thesis paper on this for a film class in college. Basically the theme was “what if Jesus was a simpleton all along?”

I miss film school :frowning:


That’s odd. My father and I saw it in the first week, and I’m almost sure we stayed for the outtakes. Is it possible you left before the credits? Or maybe it was different in different parts of the country, I dunno.

One of my favorite parts is the faux-Erik Satie that plays over most of the movie.

Come on, that whole film was wacky outtakes. “We’ll hide in the latrine, no one ever goes there!”


Sure, brownface, whatever. To this day, nobody can say “birdie num num” without an Indian accent.

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I remember seeing this as a kid, in the theaters with my Dad, a big Peter Sellers fan, when it first opened.
The closing credits were as seen here.
I loved the performance and was blown away by the closing credits. I’d never seen outtakes included with the film itself before; I thought it was generous of the filmmakers to allow this peek behind the curtain at the process of making the film itself. If anything, I thought it only enhanced what I’d just seen.


Thanks. My wife missed a lot of movies growing up, so we are binge watching Peter Sellers at the moment.
We watched " The Party" a few nights ago. This movie and " The Magic Christian " are on the list now too.
Mr. Sellers was very serious about his characters, and I understand not the most fun when "in " character, so this is fun to see.

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Peter Sellers was a misogynistic creep and All-Time Bad Father who’d put Martin Shrkeli’s social ineptitude to shame, but he was funny, so Boing Boing gives him a pass.

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there’s a French turntablism group called “Birdy Nam Nam,” never understood that name until now.

I actually watched the first part of The Party once, but I’m not enough of a Sellers head to watch him slowly bumble around for 90minutes. in Being There, he was similar but it worked better because the outside world created drama; the location changes, youth gangs threaten to knife him and Shirley Maclaine tries to do it with him. Maybe The Party picks up at some point but I had to change the channel.