Outgoing A**wipe Mike Pompeo Tries to Be Clever, Gets Flamed

Disgraced, worst-ever ex-Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tries to be clever with a little countdown clock to the end of Joe Biden’s presidency. Likely in preparation for his own run [Link to responses so as not to give him clicks. Also, leaving out the dumb “Mike Pompeo is fat” jokes because we should be better than that.]:

Gets the mockery he deserves:


Pompeo’s parting message as secretary of state: “Multiculturalism is ‘not who America is.”

The White Supremacist candidate. The DoS is full of them. Not candidates, the other assholes.


It’s not even dog whistling any more. It’s justa hair short of wearing the hood in public. Hopefully the next reporter to talk to him makes him explain that.


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