Own your own "Archemedian Turd"


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Same prices as those baggies that guy in Massachusetts was selling on Craigslist. Hmmm, do these polished turds come with complimentary ‘gifts’?


Eww! Reek, eh?


If I can’t get it studded with diamonds and gems, I don’t want it.


Looks like the two black versions are actually $25 each, once you click through to the Shapeways page…


I thought you had to earn those.


Wondering what is needed for polishing it?


“easily passed” :smiley:


Are they going to make them in all the different colours?


Whatever you do, don’t go looking for an Archemedian Screw with an online search…


So 2017 starts off with a turd you can actually polish…

Gold plated Turd, also called the Trump Dump.


☆ “Wouldn’t buy again, it’s crap.”




For starters, you damn well better have a union card


If I remember correctly, Mythbusters did prove that you can indeed polish a turd.


Turd polishing is a unionized profession? That explains political pundits being so affluent as a category, I guess.


The perfect inauguration day present.


I’m actually the guy who shits those and, no, I don’t think they stink.

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