Owner of Fatte's Pizza allegedly robbed a different Fatte's Pizza at gunpoint

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If there’s any chance of going up the river for armed robbery, wouldn’t it be worth it to, you know, make it worth it? How much could a pizza joint have in the till at any point? A couple grand?


I would assume he knew SOP, and got the manager to open the safe?
If not, that looks like a lot of cash to have in the register.


Even then, every restaurant I have worked for kept a limited amount of cash in the safe and did nightly drops; maybe $10k. Especially considering it’s a franchise and there may be a standardized cash sop as you mention. I didn’t see an exact figure, but that picture from the link looks like it’s maybe $3000, tops (all 20s in the big stack, 1 100 and maybe $50 in small bills). I’m only going down for millions, baby!


Well, it’s too late to pull a heist on John Schnatter. :man_shrugging: He would’ve been an easy mark. :wink:


I would have expected Los Pollos Hermanos.


There will almost certainly be more chances. Turds like him just keep on floating to the surface, don’t they?

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If you decide to pursue a career as a felon it’s always best to go big, like Bernie Madoff. The risk-to-reward ratio is several orders of magnitude lower.

  1. There is a chain called “Fats Pizza”?

  2. This was not in Florida?


Guessing his thinking went something like this:

“No one would ever suspect me as the robber- no one would ever think the owner of one of these stores would rob it, it’s brilliant!” -while apparently high on a lot of drugs. Yep, checks out


Yes, and as I always think to myself,“Make sure you get some mileage for your sin”.

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That, or:

Dang, need more money for drugs. Better stop by my store. Oh, there it is!

“Hey, give me some of my money from the safe!”

“What do you mean it’s not my money? It damn well is my money!”
draws gun
“Now give me my bleepin’ money!”

Later, at In-n-Out: “Any of you guys need a job? I’m gonna have to fire everybody who was working at my pizza place tonight.”

police arrive


I doubt it’d even be that much, given that people are outright avoiding using cash at the moment. Maybe it’s different in the States, but a lot of stores in Australia won’t even accept it during lockdown.

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Fatte’s Pizzas logo is a rat.

Oh, you’re not joking.

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