Pack of Thieves: How Hitler and Europe Plundered the Jews


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Deutschland’s fascist Reichsbank, with assistance from IG Farben & the Bank of Intl. Settlements in Basel managed to morph into what we now know as Citibanc.

The literal financial descendants of the Nazis are now plundering repossessed homes across the U.S. and Europe, just as they practiced for in the 30s and 40s.


The plunder didn’t start with the Nazis: antisemitism was a consciously-promoted PR tactic of German gentile industrialists and publishers after the loss of WW 1. They used it to motivate anti-socialist, anti-democratic militias and split the electorate and the Weimar coalition. Antisemitism further confused people after the “responsible” industrial bankers put in tight banking policies that caused deflation and mass-unemployment in Germany after the U.S. banking crisis. And because they convinced themselves that their covert support for Hitler meant that they owned him, they thought it was just peachy-keen to make him Chancellor.


Who would think genocidal murderers would stoop to theft…

In some cases, they used blackmail as well. Ludwig Wittgentstein’s brother Paul negotiated with the Nazis to ransom his two sisters, who had not heeded his advice to flee Austria, in exchange for a sizable chunk of the immense family fortune. For more details, see the excellent book “Wittgentstein’s Poker”.


BIS & Reichsbank shared a director for a time during the war. Afterward, he was sheltered by the international banking community since he repudiated Hitler (but not the plunder) & had asked around for help in deposing Mr. Moustache. The money continued on destroying the economies of other nations in the same way the IMF does, with the same “it’s not immoral - it’s FINANCE” attitude that allowed the bankers to deposit the gold ripped from the teeth of Jews destroyed by the Nazi machine.

Clearly, postwar Germany could not have a Reichsbank - Citi was formed from the remnants of RB with a little help from the Marshall Plan.

And does he refer to to the work of German historian Götz Aly who is the pioneer in this field?

Greatest theft in history? I’d say that the colonization of the Western Hemisphere takes that “prize.”

Odd how your claim is not reflected in Wikipedia. Do you have a source for this?

Pretty old hat this story, considering that the horrific story now, ironically enough, is that of Jews plundering Palestinians.

The horrible things the Israeli government is doing are not the same or even really comparable to the things the German government did. Horribly, terribly mistreating prisoners of war and creating a generations long refugee camp that is intentionally underfunded is still not attempting genocide to make a buck.

Right, of course not. But the OP isn’t about all of the horrible things the German government did – it’s about the material plundering of the Jews.

Also, is the book’s thesis really that the German government attempted genocide solely in order to make money? If so, that strikes me as mightily myopic.

Anyway, thanks for the response. I suppose my first comment was prompted by frustration about what strikes me, on a wonderful blog that does attend regularly to various forms of contemporary injustice, as a general lack of attention to one of today’s greatest and most festering ones, the one that you did graciously acknowledge in your comment. If you had also acknowledged the Israeli “plundering” of Palestinians’ land and resources – which surely IS comparable to things the German government did – I would have appreciated that even more.

The jews of Europe did not repeatedly declare war against Nazi Germany, attack them with the intent of driving the Germans into the sea, lose and then fall prey to generations of abuse in a POW camp.

The jews of Europe were rounded up, robbed, used as slave labor and exterminated en mass.

Israel is doing a lot wrong. Israel is not Nazi Germany.

C’mon, you can troll better than that.

All I’ll say is, again, “Right, of course not.” I never said Israel is Nazi Germany.

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