Pack your tissues and take a trip to Vermont's Dog Mountain

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No please… don’t take a trip here. We’ve been overtaken by visitors/transplants from NewMassaJerseyConn and the state bears no semblance to what it used to be.

Really… stay away.

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I don’t know… maybe get to know your new neighbors. Maybe they’ll be nice people who add to your community? Like it or not, communities change. Where I lived was once a relatively white, homogeneous suburb of a major city, and is now highly diverse and far more interesting.

Now if the problem is rising cost of living created by wealthy people from other places buying up land and the cost rising out of control, that’s a whole different thing that should be addressed in some manner, as it can come at the expensive of people already living in the margins. But you didn’t mention that, just that you don’t like “outsiders” coming into “your” community…


Huh. Sounds like the Hunecks are more open and welcoming than some other residents.


This sounds very similar to an anxious call I got from a neighbor the other day, worried that with so many new people moving into the area they wouldn’t all be the right sort.

I thought, yay, now that everything’s been bought up closer to Chicago, people are finally coming out to our county to find the balance of living they want, which means I’ll have much more interesting and engaging neighbors than the current bunch.

And that’s when I realized someone had clued him in to the fact that I’m going to be selling. They’ve already accused my family of having questionable morals (long story) and so now they’re worried we’ll be selling to people like us, or even worse.

You see, we only fly the U.S. flag. That makes us questionable, where we live. Which flags do you fly?


But Philadelphians are A-okay!


Conehead or flatlander?



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Idk. I love Vermont. I’m a short drive away and have always had a delightful time visiting.
Maybe the poster lived close to this place

I wouldn’t want those folks coming to my neighborhood either, tbh. :joy:
(The people, not the bears.)




Eeeeeee! Speaking of dogs, I just saw our resident mama red fox for the third evening in a row. One night I saw her with her four kits frolicking around for a quarter hour. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
What is it they say about foxes, they’re dogs running with cat software? So freaking cute.


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