Palcohol - now why didn't I think of that?


This seems like a bright idea:

Or not. Marketing powdered alcohol to youngsters. Great. Approved by the TTB. Fantastic.



Coming soon to the same range:

pitrous - powdered nitrous oxide
pash - powdered marijuana
locaine - liquid cocaine

I have to admit I’m interested to know what it actually is. Could you sell it as camping fuel?




Unapproved again.


Or liquid PCP:


I think it’s encapsulated in a sugar.


Now THAT’S a dry martini.


I recall making corn starch firebombs in science class by blowing the powder through a tube with match at the end… I imagine that doing that with this stuff would remove ones eyebrows…


Definitely shaken; not stirred.


Snortable, explosive alcohol is the best alcohol ever. Fuck yeah, Science.


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